Game Spotlight: Celtic Courage

The people of this land are proud of their independence. When an invading horde – eager to steal their home and their freedom – comes upon them, they stand and fight. Although they are outnumbered, they are fierce fighters, and some even possess the ability to transform into animals like bears, wolves, and ravens. Regardless of outcome, no one could say these people are not heroic and brave.

Stand up for what’s yours in Celtic Courage, which is now available to unlock at High 5 Casino! ReSpin on Win and Scatter Awards ensure you’ll be well compensated for your bravery! With ReSpin on Win, every wild or major line win awards a number of ReSpins – meaning you get additional spins when you win. There are now 101 premium slot games at High 5 Casino, which (as you, loyal reader, already know) is the most on Facebook. Be sure to like High 5 Casino’s fan page so you never miss out on promotions and new games!

What do you think of Celtic Courage? What type of games would you like to see us make in the future?

Unlock Celtic Courage at High 5 Casino.

13 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: Celtic Courage

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  3. I am tired of this Exclusive Offer coming up every time I go into the game, If I haven’t said yes the past 50 to 100 times. I am not going to. Who in there right mind would just give you a cc # and all the other # that go with it just to get a few free points!!!!!

  4. i have had no issues in fact i went to level 100 on with 4million plus coins in couple hours. I have not had any issues except when the site falls down. need new cartoon game something along line of liger loot or the owl they both fun challenging and interesting
    would rank them as one of the hard ones to get big scores but still possible

  5. Wilds do not work all the time many times I should have won DID NOT Plez check this game out HAVE LOST ALOT ON THIS GAME WHEN I SHOULD HAVE WON

  6. I can not UNLOCK CELTIC COURAGE ! How do I get it up and running. It tells me it is unlocked but it isn’t????

  7. I can not play it yet. When will it come up for me???
    I do love you and stay up lots of time to collect at 12:05 AM and then go to bed.

  8. I have written about the free spins twice now. It seems since they are back u can’t win anything anymore. Did u tighten them up????????

  9. My experience is going downhill, I am in a heck of a slump and I just can’t get out of it.

  10. I am looking forward to unlocking this game soon. Love the story line. Anxious to experience the win and spin. High 5 Casino is my favorite slots site!!!

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