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Every couple of weeks Elaine, High 5 Blog’s CRM correspondent, stops by to discuss ways to optimize your High 5 Casino and/or Shake the Sky experience.

Hello, High 5-ers! I hope you’re having a wonderful Friday! This week I’m going to address some of the questions players asked me after my last column.

1. Taking a screenshot

Last time, a player asked me how to take a screenshot of her win. You can take a screenshot on your desktop by pressing the Alt key and, while holding it down, the PrtScn key. If you have questions about this, check out this site, which explains very simply how to take a screenshot.

If you’re playing on Facebook, you can easily share your wins on your timeline by clicking on the camera icon at the bottom left-hand corner of our app page. This will trigger a pop-up message showing your screenshot. You can add a custom message, and then show your win to all your friends by clicking ‘Share.’

To take a screenshot on an iOS device, hold the lock button (the button on the top of your device) and the home button (the button on the bottom center of your device) down at the same time.

2. Improving your bonus experience

Last time, a player asked how to stop their bonus rounds from freezing. To help prevent your bonuses from freezing in the future, we suggest that you adjust your game resolution. This can be done by clicking the gear-shaped icon on the top bar in the lobby and changing it from HIGH to MED or LOW. Lowering the resolution will reduce the number of animations in your game, which helps the game run better on certain computer systems.

We also recommend that you regularly clear your cache, and completely close and re-open your browser. It’s best if you don’t have multiple browser tabs or browser windows open, as this can reduce the amount of memory available to the game. If, after doing all this, you’re still having issues with your bonus rounds, email us at support@h5g.com.

3. Playing on a tablet

Last time, a player asked if she could play High 5 Casino on her tablet. Right now, we only have a mobile app for iOS tablets. However, we are hard at work on an Android app, so you’ll be able to play on many different types of tablets soon!

I hope this answers some of your questions! Let me know if there are any other problems you’d like me to address next time! In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend, and happy spinning!

18 thoughts on “High 5 Games Help Desk

  1. Hey Sheila, please contact our support team for assistance via the High 5 Help Center. It can be found in the ‘Settings’ menu at the top right hand corner of the casino and then choosing ‘Help’. You can simply click on the ‘Submit A Request’ button at the top right hand corner of High 5 Help Center. Fill out the form and a customer care representative will email you as soon as possible.

  2. Hey Joyce, we’re sorry for the inconvenience. Our game developers are trying their best to bring our app online as fast as we can! Thank you for your patience!

  3. Hey Kathy, we’re sorry to hear that you’re experiencing the issue while playing our games. Please email support@high5games.com with your username, player level and a description of the issue here, our customer support team will assist you from there.

  4. I am still unable to get the game to load. STS and alll other games are fine. I would like to start the new game and level up the rest of the games to get the 50,000 free credits before it is too late

  5. No reply I have a question!!!!!
    Every time I go to High 5 Casino on my iPhone I have to DOWNLOAD EACH GAME! To say the least this is a pain and a deterrent to playing the game. About ready to QUIT! How can you help or can you?
    Thank you

  6. i had joined all of your extras on twitter world press and emails just so I could get the extra bounces and so far not a one has presented it self and on your fan page well I did what it said and for all my trouble all I received was a messed up computer having to call to have it fixed so this is the way you treat us

  7. I enjoy playing High 5, but right now you’re making it a study in patience. Will leave you soon if it doesn’t straighten out. I’ve been trying to connect now for 15 minutes. I was in the middle of a game and it all stalled…now I can’t open it and finish.

  8. I have been playing for days……have credits,and now can’t log back in,and I am mad. I purchased credits and they are in your system. Please help.
    Trish.gracie@ comcast.net
    I will want to hear from you,ASAP ,please.
    Trish Goldman

  9. porqe hace mas de un mes que no puedo entrar a los juegos cuando trato me sale un mensaje que no puedo comunicarme con el servidor que trate mas tarde, pero siempre encuentro la misma respuesta por favor ayudeme ya que habia llegado a mas de 90

  10. It isn’t fair that I can count 20 spins and not win one combo thereby using up all my credits/money. ‘taint Cricket!

  11. When I get a win on h5C my score won’t add on until my next roll then I have lost the amount of my bet and nothing will work until my win has been released

  12. On the free spins you claim to have made them better, but you used to win on them. I had 76 free spins the other day and our of them spins I won 4096. Not much in 76 spins. Every single time you improve this games the winnings get lower and lower. It isn’t fun if you never win.

  13. You keep saying you’re working on apps for Android but for those of us who don’t understand technology that well, please explain why it takes so long to make an app for Android. Thanks.

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