Game Spotlight: Club Caliente

Lovers of Latin music from all over travel to this tropical city to visit the best club around – Club Caliente. Here, you’ll find world-renowned musicians playing a variety of styles: salsa, merengue, tango, bossa nova, and more. Put on your finest outfit and find a dance partner, because it’s impossible to stand still at Club Caliente!

Move to the rhythm at Club Caliente, which is now available to unlock at High 5 Casino! 4,096 ways to win and up to 20 free games in the bonus round lead to mega jackpots as you dance the night away. There are now 102 premium games available to play at High 5 Casino! Regardless of which H5C slot you choose at any given time, you know it’s going to have excellent art design and innovative gameplay.

What do you think of Club Caliente? What type of slots would you like to see High 5 Games make in the future?

Unlock Club Caliente at High 5 Casino.

16 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: Club Caliente

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  6. I have not been able to unlock any games for several week. I have money and spins but can’t access them. I cant choose games to play or anything help

  7. One of many things I enjoyed about High 5 casino was no pop up windows. Now we have to deal with it every time we log on. If I want to buy coins, I wouldn’t need a pop up window I have to get to of every time I play.

  8. Hola H5C : estoy en el nivel 163 , cuando me van a desbloquear este juego???

  9. Hi H5C, I am at player level 149 so does that mean I will be able to unlock this game at player level 150? I’m assuming player level 150 is a key milestone…

  10. i want to know why my $358, 421 coins just disappeared without warning. where the hell did they go. my husband and i were up till this point everyday players but this is over the top. i have not sign in to my High 5 Casino seen this happened bc this is very upsetting. what gives y’all the right to just wipe out someones account?

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