Video Poker Now Live at H5C and STS

Today’s post comes from High 5 Blog correspondent Ali.

High 5 Casino and Shake the Sky Casino now offer video poker for social play!

You know we always like to shake things up a little bit on our social casinos, but this time we’ve shaken things up in a big way by adding video poker for all our players! If you’re a poker fan, you’ll be very excited to know you can now play eight exciting video poker games on both H5C and STS.

In each casino you’ll have one shared bankroll for your slots and your video poker. If you hit big with a great hand on your poker game and want to use your winnings to play slots, go right ahead. When it comes to four-hour bonuses, just as you would collect a bonus for each played slot game, you’ll be able to collect a bonus for each played video poker game. The more you level up, the higher your bonus, the bigger your bank roll!

If you’re new to video poker, the interface on High 5 Casino and Shake the Sky is very player friendly. Each poker game offers an explanation of its gameplay while it loads. Click on the Options button in any game and you can customize your gameplay with features like Autohold and Double Up.

You can also choose the theme of your card deck. New players will be given the option of Classic Poker or the signature pattern for High 5 Casino or Shake the Sky. As you level up, new deck themes featuring characters and artwork from your favorite H5C and STS slot games will become unlocked and available to you.

Whether you consider yourself a poker player or not, we suggest you try out our new video poker app. It’s tons of fun and a new way to grow your bank roll! Of course, if you have any questions you can always email our amazing customer care team at At this time video poker is only available for play on desktop, but stay tuned for the release of the mobile app!

Let us know what you think of our video poker apps in the comments section below!

13 thoughts on “Video Poker Now Live at H5C and STS

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  5. sending you for help.i cannot connect to high5 casino from my compuyer and trouble with was great the way it was.i know you want to improve but i like the way it was just fine.

  6. all of a sudden I can not connect, I have high speed internet with no other problem sites, now it says connecting and will NOT open!

  7. Yes since all your changes now our iPhone app doesn’t work

    Sent from my iPhone


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