Game Spotlight: Moonlit Mermaids

Your long journey across the sea has been difficult, yet the preceding weeks pale in comparison to what you are experiencing tonight. As you are bombarded by waves and wind with only the moon to guide you, you desperately hope for refuge. Then, off in the foggy distance, you see them: Moonlit Mermaids, beckoning for you to sail towards their rocky island. You navigate your ship towards them, hoping they will provide the sanctuary you seek…

Moonlit Mermaids is now available across the board at all of High 5 Games’ social apps! It’s unlocked for all players at High 5 Casino, Shake the Sky Casino, and High 5 Casino for iOS, and it’s also available as an unlocked skin for video poker at H5C and STS. Moonlit Mermaids features stunning art design in the traditional Asian paper-cut style, which means it’s aesthetically similar to STS classic Night Jasmine. While you’re enjoying the visuals and music, you’ll also snag legendary wins with Scatter Bucks and Stacked Wilds!

What do you think of Moonlit Mermaids? What type of slots would you like to see High 5 Games make in the future?

Play Moonlit Mermaids at High 5 Casino, Shake the Sky Casino, or High 5 Casino for iOS.

9 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: Moonlit Mermaids

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  7. It`s not what we like to play any more ,it`s if the site is( on SO) we can play..My player level is 169..I have every game over level 60 and 36 games over level 100. Since August 6th when all the problems started I have lost thousands of free points and many free spins.High 5 has given us 10,000 points back..I get 5,160 points every 4 hrs…I really don`t think anyone at high 5 cares…I know this is only a game ,but I do play every day.I am 68 years young…Everett Kelley

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