Game Preview: Way of the Blade

Take a sneak peek at Way of the Blade, which premieres later this week as the 42st slot at Shake the Sky Casino!

You were unprepared when the bandits came, and you paid dearly for it. Now, with your life in ruins, you plot revenge, but you need help. Who can teach you the skills necessary to defeat those who have wronged you? You search for a mysterious house on the outskirts of town where four martial arts masters are rumored to live, to begin your journey towards learning the Way of the Blade…

Way of the Blade – like all games at Shake the Sky – has some excellent gameplay to back up its cool art design. Tumbling Reels and Mystery Bucks lead to amazing jackpots in the latest wuxia slot from High 5 Games!

What do you think of Way of the Blade? What type of slots would you like to see H5G make in the future?

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4 thoughts on “Game Preview: Way of the Blade

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  2. wow,where do I start.after 2 yrs of playing all I can collect is $3,900.00 every 4 hrs,gone in 4 spins.when I delete this site can I start over

  3. I can’t LOG IN on my desktop after I changed my email password–SO FRUSTRATING! I’ve tried my old password, my new password, nothing works : ( And to top it off there is no easily identifiable way to get to Cust. Service or HELP in anyway!!! Help please??

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