Behind the Scenes at High 5: Frisky Friday by Foxy Dynamite

Check out the third edition of ‘Behind the Scenes at High 5,’ our new video series!

When you’ve got wicked characters like Black Widow and Dangerous Beauty creeping around the High 5 Games office, you definitely need someone like Foxy Dynamite around to keep everyone safe. It’s pretty obvious why Foxy is everyone’s favorite crime fighter – who else could catch crooks while looking that fabulous? Get an inside look at a typical Friday at H5G:

I guess Foxy goes overboard with the whole security thing sometimes, but at least her heart’s in the right place. She should definitely consider leaning back a bit in her chair in the next meeting, though. Meanwhile, Gypsy should probably be a little more insightful in the next meeting, considering she has a crystal ball and the ability to see into the future. That’s probably slightly useful in a business setting, right?

Stay tuned, because the next edition of ‘Behind the Scenes at High 5’ will debut at High 5 Blog in the near future!

In the meantime, check out more High 5 Games video content on YouTube, and play High 5 Casino on Facebook, iOS, and Android.

2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes at High 5: Frisky Friday by Foxy Dynamite

  1. when i am on my ipad it says i get to download a new game,but the only games i have lefy are ones on my computer and i do not get the notice on my computer,how can i get the free game?

  2. Would it be okay that when the dynamite falls, that it leaves freebies alot more than it does because most of the time it is blank, just like the new halloween game is.

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