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Every couple of weeks Elaine, High 5 Blog’s customer-care correspondent, stops by to discuss ways to optimize your High 5 Casino and/or Shake the Sky experience.

Hey everyone! Are you ready to Fall back this weekend? For those of you who want to spend your extra hour on Sunday playing some H5C or STS, I’ve got some tips to speed up loading and avoid crashes on every platform.

1. Faster loading on a computer

High 5 Casino or Shake the Sky work best when you close all other programs and browser windows on your computer. You should also want to make sure that you only have one tab open at a time. We also recommend that you clear your browser’s cache regularly. For instructions on how to do that, you can consult this link.

2. Smoother play on iOS

For the smoothest play on H5C for iOS and STS for iOS, we recommend that you stay logged into a wireless network. We also suggest that you close all other open apps – to maximize the amount of available memory on your phone – by double-tapping the home button and then swiping the app screens up. You should also make sure that you’re playing the most recent build of our app, as it has the latest bug fixes and games. You can do this by going to the Updates tab in the App Store.

3. Lightning loading on Android

Like with iOS, we suggest that you stay logged into a wireless network while playing High 5 Casino for Android and Shake the Sky Casino for Android. We also recommend that you regularly clear your apps cached data (for specific instructions, click here). You should also close all other open programs (for specific instructions, refer to this link), and check regularly for app updates (you can click here for more specific instructions).

I hope these instructions help speed up your gameplay! They may also help your devices run faster in general, and save your battery life. Have a wonderful weekend, and happy spinning!

4 thoughts on “High 5 Games Help Desk

  1. Hey there, we’re sorry to hear that your points keep vanishing. Please e-mail us at support@high5games.com and detail your issue for us. Please be sure to include your player level and Facebook name and we’ll be happy to help you from there. Thank you very much for your patience!

  2. this Is stupid why cant I just get real help? it says I can unlock a game and wont load my free spins I don’t have any games to unlock they are already unlocked!!! and customer support should be easy to access from the game itself I shouldn’t have to e mail

  3. I reached level 200 on a game yesterday and am still getting just 70 credits for it every 4 hours instead of the 100 I should be getting

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