Behind the Scenes: Halloween at High 5 Games

Pictured: Two High 5-ers, mere minutes before an unexplained event led to a horrifying transformation…
Pictured: The same High 5-ers, once all hell broke loose and the zombie apocalypse began…
No one made it out alive. If you’re in the New York City area, we suggest you stay away from the High 5 Games office. If the zombies have escaped into the streets, then all hope is lost – it’s time to hide your kids, hide your husband or wife, start praying to whatever deity you believe in, and get running…
As you can see, Halloween is kind of a big deal here. Last year, H5G held a costume contest, and this year the company went even further when it scheduled a shoot for an upcoming zombie game on Halloween and let its employees in on the fun. Unsurprisingly, a sizable number of High 5-ers decided that transforming into terrifying, bloodthirsty monsters was a better way to spend their afternoon than working. A week later, some of them still haven’t taken off their makeup, and instead have committed themselves to bringing about the zombie apocalypse.

What do you think of the H5G zombies? Did you dress up for Halloween this year?

Be on the lookout for this upcoming zombie game, and in the meantime play spooky slots like Ravishing Beauties at High 5 Casino!

5 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: Halloween at High 5 Games

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  2. I definitely ditto Marijoe’s comment. Looks like fun. No wonder High 5 creates such great games. Thumbs Up!

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