Game Spotlight: Sapphire Tiger

The legend of the Sapphire Tigers proved irresistible, so you decided to seek them out. You’re not sure if you’ll find them, or if they even exist, but you set out into the jungle anyway. Days pass with no sign of the majestic animals, and you begin to lose hope. Then, just as you are about to give up, you spot them lurking in the distance – the most beautiful animals you’ve ever seen…

Sapphire Tiger debuts today as the 117th premium slot at High 5 Casino! This game has more than just stellar art design: 576 ways to win, Semi-Stacked Majors, and Right-to-Left Pays help you snag glorious wins!

What do you think of Sapphire Tiger? What type of slots would you like to see High 5 Games make in the future?

Unlock Sapphire Tiger at High 5 Casino.

9 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: Sapphire Tiger

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  5. your game site is not working, it will not load. kep it up and I will find a new game site I would prefer to play over yours, one that will load

  6. Actually says its now available to unlock. Wish they would just unlock it like they do others so I’d have a new game to play but maybe i’ll get lucky and unlock it in my spins. Unlikely though anytime soon since when there is a game to unlock it seems I never hit it in my spins. Hit it a bunch if there isn’t a new game to unlock though. Still love playing either way

  7. Sapphire Tiger is still not unlocked, at High Five for me ??
    Post says it is unlocked and play on High Five Casino.

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