High 5 Casino’s Noggin-Melting November Stats

High 5 Casino is stocked with 119 premium slots (and counting), which means there’s an incredibly diverse range of High 5 Games content for our players. No matter how you’re feeling or what you’re into, chances are you’ll find plenty to like at H5C. This point is definitely driven home by High 5 Casino’s top-five games in November. Triple Raven, Tales of Hercules, Night Jasmine, Magic Orchid, and Rum City – all very different games in terms of theme – went one through five at High 5 Casino last month. Check out some other awesome H5C stats from November:

Total spins: 3,728,859,282
Spins per day: 124,295,309
Total H5C money won: 7,548,660,110,711
Cumulative hours spent playing: 6,726,906

What was your top game in November? Let us know in the comments below what would make December the best month yet at High 5 Casino!

Join the masses and become a statistic at High 5 Casino.

5 thoughts on “High 5 Casino’s Noggin-Melting November Stats

  1. I would love to say I have had a favorite game in November, but I cannot keep enough credits to play. I can go into the game every 4 hrs and collect the credits, but High 5 just takes them away. If they think I am going to buy credits to continue playing, thats not going to happen. I am retired and cannot afford to buy credits. I love the High 5 site. I have not seen a better site then this one, but come on High 5, be a little more generous in letting people build up some credits !!

  2. The Great Balloon Festival! Thanks for all the fun!
    other notables: Faerie Maiden, City of Lights and Bah Humbug!
    Happy Holidays!

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