Game Spotlight: Thunder Road

The wind in your hair. The road swiftly disappearing beneath your feet. A sense of absolute freedom and total happiness. There’s nothing better than hitting the highway for destinations unknown on your motorcycle. Hop on your bike and head out on an open-air jackpot journey; you don’t know where you’re heading, but you’re certain you’ll have a blast on the way!

Thunder Road premieres today as the 120th premium slot at High 5 Casino! Is that a crazy number or what? I think there are more slots at H5C than people in North Dakota at this point. Thunder Road features 576 ways to win and Bonus Select to ensure your bankroll soars as you rocket across the roads.

What do you think of Thunder Road? What type of slots would you like to see High 5 Games make in the future?

Unlock Thunder Road at High 5 Casino.

12 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: Thunder Road

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  5. I am on level 198 but and was collecting my free spins 10 of them on BollywoodBride level 84 and the android does not have gg listed to choose so got on my pc and will not let me choose it. there are 20 games that are on my android that are at level 100 on my pc but on the anroid I have to open them?

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  7. hey high 5 this new game is TERRIBLE! unreal that I went from 1 to level 100 with only ONE SPIN??!!!!!! and lost millions just playing 24,000 if that’s the best you can do i’ll stop playing!!!!!!!

  8. Gracias por tenernos al tanto de todos los juegos, yo no estoy jugando mucho ahora porque por un error perdí casi todos mis créditos y estoy juntando para poder jugar como antes.

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