Game Spotlight: Mystery Train

Happy holidays, High 5-ers! We’ve got a gift for everyone at High 5 Casino: Mystery Train is now UNLOCKED for all players!

Something is happening to the passengers on Empire Rail Line’s cross country train. Travelers have been disappearing from their private rooms after nightfall ever since the train left California, and no one knows who or what is responsible. Each new day brings another missing person, and even more chaos and anxiety. Will anyone solve the deadly puzzle while there are still passengers left on the Mystery Train?

Head to High 5 Casino now and try to solve the secret of the missing passengers in Mystery Train! Players can land certain combinations of arrow symbols on the same horizontal row to activate Reveal-A-Wheel and multiply their jackpots, and snag the free games bonus round for more chances to win big at no extra cost.

What do you think of Mystery Train? What type of slots would you like to see High 5 Games make in the future?

Play Mystery Train at High 5 Casino.

11 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: Mystery Train

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  5. OH,NOOOOOO😱 !! – NOT AGAIN !!!!!! Say it isn’t soooo !!
    I,too,have not only not gotten ANY of your last 4 new releases, but NONE of them can be found ANYWHERE on my app, not even in the games still left to be unlocked w/a free unlock spin, and not even in the DeskTop library which are useless to me as I can play only on iPhone and iPad. What gives ? PLEASE DONT TELL ME ITS ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE “DESKTOP ONLY” DEALS WHERE YOU,ONCE AGAIN -(only it’s times 4 if all four games are “DeskTop only”)- IGNORE YOUR MOBILE FANS WHILE REWARDING YOUR DESKTOP FANS AND IN OUR FACES TOO.‼️ 💢OUCH 💢‼️
    NOT a very Merry Christmas for us,is it now! For shame H5C, 😟😔😩😫you made me cry,H5C, for shame,tsk,tsk. (ok,ok,- even I have to laugh. A bit melodramatic,perhaps,but can you REALLY blame me for loving my H5C app and it’s games that much ????)

  6. this site is not working for me anymore. I keep getting notification of “out of memory ” at various lines. What is going on. Please reply

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  8. I still can’t get the games to load. The whole site doesn’t work. It ha s about 2 years then this problem. Please help!!

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