Happy Birthday, High 5 Blog!

High 5 Blog turns one today, and like any proud parents we can’t believe how quickly our baby has grown. In just one year, High 5 Blog published 223 posts that were viewed over 600,000 times by over 300,000 new friends! There’s been all types of content over the course of the year, but we hope throughout it all you were entertained and able to learn more about High 5 Games, High 5 Casino, and Shake the Sky Casino.

You can’t give birthday presents to inanimate objects like blogs, so we’re giving them out to our loyal readers instead! Let us know what type of content you’d like to see at High 5 Blog in the comments of this post, and you could be one of 10 people to win an H5G water bottle and t-shirt. Be sure to leave your name and email in your comment so we can reach out to you if you win.

Thanks for reading! There are big things planned for High 5 Blog in its second year — stick around so you don’t miss out on all the fun!

99 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, High 5 Blog!

  1. Happy Birthday!!! Your games are the only ones I play everyday. I collect my bonus every four hours and when I can I buy coins I do to support your company.

  2. I’d like to see a few more big wins and looser slots. Seems things have tightened up lately – including the free spin payoffs. But regardless I keep coming back and ignoring the other free slot sites. Happy Birthday and thank you for offering such a large variety of games.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE YOUR GAMES. I JUST WISH you go give more bonuses and more money on the bonus. I get so excited then not to win anything is a bit disappointing. But I love the games and just keep the bonus games coming..

  4. i like games that give us free spins when we hit a bonus..as of late i would like to know why it seems as if the payouts are much lower than they used to be..i looked back at games from when i first came on which i have been w u for about as long as your games came on and when i looked at the payouts they were much bigger than they are now..i used to hit millions on a 18,000 bet and now i get less..why is this? please fix the games so that we can win like we used to..i have been fighting w mystery train forever..cant get a decent payout and i have alot of my games at the over 200 level..i have one that is over level 300..can’t seem to win even though most days i am spending at least $200 a day..so please loosen up the slots and i think you will get alot more players..these days alot of people can’t afford to pay that kind of money out..i used to get by w buying $20 in coins..not these days..most of your games have very good graphics which is what keeps me w you but i won’t be able to stay if i have to spend so much money to play..thank you & HAPPY BIRTHDAY player level 323

  5. Happy 1st Birthday High 5 ! All of you behind the game do a excellent job ~ the only thing i would like to see, if we can gift coins or free spins~ other than that you all do a great job covering all aspects of the game~

  6. Happy Birthday Hi 5 ! I would like to see more than just the Top 5 Games that you post every month. How about all of them ! I think it would be very interesting. Also…tournaments would be nice. I like Jackpot Joys tournaments and forgive me for mentioning another casino 🙂

  7. I think a 1 week contest where players tell their stories of their favorite slot on H5G, and why they love it.

  8. I love your insights to the games and the general advice and which games are played most. It’s always fun to see if they are the ones I’ve been playing. Anytime, and those are rare, that I have had any problems or questions your support team has always been quick and efficient. The negative comments that show up on all of your posts, no matter what the post is about, really irritate me at times. But I grit my teeth and carry on. Lol! The one suggestion that I do have is gifts between friends on your site. Sometimes I have runs of bad luck both on line and at the land based casinos that are around here and gifts would come in handy for my continued playing. Again I just hope for the best, wait for the next bonus and carry on. Happy Birthday and keep up the good work!! I love this site!!

  9. I would like to see the ability to gift friends. It is the one thing that is missing from High 5. High 5 is by far my favorite game on Facebook and I wish I was able to collect more coins more often by collecting from friends. I am in a few groups and have been told to “stockpile” my coins in order to have more fun, but I can’t seem to wait after stockpiling only 2 times…:) Misty-Level114

  10. Happy 1st Birthday! I am glad to be a part of your High 5 Family. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see what is to come in year two. I am looking forward to all the good things.

  11. ~Happy Birthday High 5 Blog! I would like to see more modern real themes, like from movies, actors, actresses, singers, TV shows…. Would also like themes of places in the world, like Italy, France, USA, Chicago, New York, etc. Loving High 5 Casino… Thank You!

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY High 5 Casino! You look older then you are, I am surprised that in only a year you have so many games available!
    Love both High 5 and Shake the Sky as well! I for one would like to see some sort of way that a person could earn some type of credit or maybe merchandise when we play the High 5 games in our local casinos! I realize that this could be very complicated especially with all the differences in states laws, but I believe that this type of thing, or something that teamed up with our local Casinos would be beneficial to the High 5 games and Shake the Sky as well as players who do like to play games in the casinos!
    Again Happy Birthday!

  13. I believe that if you put a bonus like they have on Cashman you will have more players than you could support go in any casino with cashman and they are allways taken, Must of the folks playing these penny slots are betting the max, thats five bucks a spin.

  14. Happy 1st birthday. I would like to be able to send friends gifts and receive gifts from them. This is the only slot site I play that doesn’t do it. Would also like the slots loosened up some. They have not been giving any big wins

  15. Happy Birthday, We have enjoyed all your games. My husband is sick and we don’t go many places, I am so thankful for your games keep them coming.

  16. Felicidades en tu Cumpleaños!!! Me gustaría leer en castellano este blog, sería posible colocar el traductor, al igual que lo tiene en Facebook? Feliz Cumpleaños, que sigan los éxitos!!!

  17. Dear High 5,

    Happy Birthday!

    I sure hope y’all are enjoying the festivities and may it be an exciting year Two ahead! I’m new to HIGH5 and just getting oriented, so my initial thoughts: more articles on ‘behind-the-scenes’ stuff like the recent post on the photo-shoot. How y’all make the games would be a fun on-going story line: the daily happenings there in the trenches… So we can all learn to relate a little more: to the trappings, difficulties and excitements and success y’all face every day at ‘work’… I figure there is A-LOT of work put into it: coming up with Music, Art, Content and so forth. It be a great way to get to know y’all and would ad a depth to the current blog… Maybe like a geeky “Live Feed” to the HIGH-5 Data center… kinda cheeky, but it could be made a fun thing…where we at any time could ‘look-in’ and y’all of course would have funny ways of ‘saying-hi’ to all of us who sit at home, a cafe, or a library… Maybe some articles on strategy, the happenings at land-based casino’s, a review of trends and popular slots, Articles about the History of gaming, groups that form ‘to play’ games: like Bingo at the Elks Lodge…I guess like a news reel. And change the Format! (page layout). It’s not very appealing as a ‘long center strip’… Other blogs I’ve viewed have all kinds of links, grouped articles and photos…Y’all have a great ‘creative’ team as evidenced by the appeal of many of your slots, maybe sprucing up the ‘blog-site’ with their creative talent might increase readership. Those are just a few thoughts, and I’m sure y’all have all kinds of plans! That said! I sure hope y’all are having fun Today celebrating!!! and I’ll be looking forward to this year’s developments! All the best! Happy Birthday!!!!

    Kind and Best Regards,

    Kevin in Texas

  18. Happy birthday-I would like to be able to give gifts to people. Find you can get more to join the fun that way

  19. Happy Birthday, High5!! Thoroughly enjoy your games, both slots and cards! Would love to read about actual online cards, with actual gambling, and would be your very first depositer if you can make it happen! I know we are all waiting for legislation nationwide, but would LOVE IT if you guys could lead the way, take the lead and bring us out of these dark Hold Em – less time! Otherwise, best online slots, period!! keep up the amazing work, hopefully, for many years to come!

  20. I really enjoy High 5 and look forward to new game releases. A couple of suggestions I have would be: 1) A gifting option where we can send gifts to family and friends. 2) Slot tournaments! I enjoy playing in slot tournaments on other casino game sites and wish we had option to do this on High 5. THANKS!!!!!

  21. I don’t have any problems with High 5 Casino games except that some of them require too much to play. I usually have to play the lower entry ones. But I haven’t found a game I didn’t like actually!! Linda linda3828@mcloudteleco.com

  22. Thanks for the quality games. I enjoy them a lot. I was in Reno for the holidays and was surprised to see some of your games at the Atlantis. I just had to try The Amulet and Stone. For the web blog (which I also enjoy) maybe you can talk about the theme of the game. Why did you choose it? Here’s to another fun filled year!

  23. Happy 1st Birthday H5C Blog ….. looking forward to celebrating many more with you. Your blogs are informative and entertaining. Only have one suggestion for future blog content and that is to include strategies for playing the different games (i.e., does betting bigger make a difference in the number of winning spins, does “stopping” the spin affect the outcome of the spin, does waiting for the showing of the win lines to finish affect the next spin, does “liking” an individual game “like” just for the game or for H5C – not that it really matters because I LOVE it all) and would like to add that it would be great for H5C to create more promos for coin prizes. Thank you for listening and caring for us as you do so well High 5 Casino Blog!

  24. I would be interested in what games are the top winners in slots are each month. Would be nice to ask for input into which of STS games might migrate over to H5C (I would like to see Van Gogh and DaVinci join the artists at H5C, also migrate Islands Galapagos and GeoQuest as they are similar to the type of H5C) Another interesting thing would be to see the odds of winning the various games… HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  25. Happy Birthday!Thanks for sharing how the games are put together.Love these games.

  26. I would like to see contests such seek and find certain things when you are playing the games or even reading the website or blog. The prize could simply be 2000 coins. It would encourage following both sites and playing certain games.

  27. Happy first Birthday, I enjoy reading your blogs and they are helpful when playing the games. Also it is fun to see how the games are put together.

  28. i would like to see games with more free games and more points for higher levels. also more give aways through out the days. maybe more casino games like wizard of oz and alice and wonderland with added feature bonuses

  29. I discovered H5C & STS several years ago. I happened to go to Twin Arrows Casino in Flagstaff, AZ & I played a number of slots I knew from H5C. I won a handsome amount from my usual modest bets – but – because I understood how the features worked, I was able to win so much more. Normally, I might have bet $.40 per spin, thanks to H5C, I knew to bet $.80 for the Mystery Bucks feature. How fun is that? Happy Birthday from Rimrock, AZ!

  30. I’d Like to see more videos of games that are to be released,Keep up the good work

  31. Happy 1st birthday. I would like to be able to send friends gifts and receive gifts from them. This is the only slot site I play that doesn’t do it. Would also like the slots loosened up some. They have not been giving any big wins.

  32. Happy Birthday! I’d like to see blogs about how our support of you is helping you to reach out to communities/charities to help others. I’m assuming that as friendly and generous you are with us, your users, that your generosity doesn’t stop here. Thank you for many hours of good wholesome times.
    Billy in Oklahoma

  33. Happy Birthday and thank for the useful information that you take to time to post, Hope the blog continues for a second birthday.

  34. Most of the time I play H5C on my cellphone and unfortunately not all slots are available, is there a way that can make the rest of the slots available for cellphones? I love H5C, hands down is the best. Thank U and Happy Birthday.

  35. I enjoy reading the blog and I do tend to look for the High 5 games when I go to the local casinos. I recently hit for $500. on “The Dream” slot at Twin River in RI!! Maybe some posts from people who do play your games in “real” casinos would be interesting. Or maybe some tips/odds of winning on machines article. Love your games ..continue doing what you’re doing!!! Happy 1st Birthday Hi5!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Just keep up the good work I love all of the games I really like those with animals in them

  37. I would like to see more discussion on loading issues of High 5 Casino through Facebook. I love your casino, it is my very favorite.

  38. Why not increase # of chips you give out in promotions & daily spins every 4 hours….Let’s try 10,000 or 25,000 free chips daily just in appreciation all of your High5 friends would love…..I love playing your Casino games but it really is very expensive & have to cut back…….

  39. H5 is my favorite casino to play! The best games, the best graphics, the best of everything! I would like to see H5 lossen their time limit on the bonus coins and spins and make it easier to open new games. High 5 you are the best!

    Thanks, Trudy

  40. Happy 1st birthday High 5 and thank you for your games and your site. You will never get any complaints from me no matter what! Your games are the same games I play in the real casinos. Some I like, some I don’t. But I still enjoy getting my levels up to 100 and above. Also, you are the ONLY game site that doesn’t have all those annoying pop-up ads for coin sales and friend sends and requests and I’ve played them all and deleted the majority of them. So thank you, thank you, thank you. And I hope you put a copy of this on your desk when you get all those annoying complaints! lol So HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY and keep up the great work!

  41. Happy Birthday High 5! Your site is the one I play the most and enjoy all the games. I am looking forward to many more exciting games in the future. It would be nice if you would post a list of all the games that are actually available in the casinos. I recently went to a casino and only found one game of yours.

  42. I really like this blog . you show how a game works . I enjoyed the ones where you show what all it takes from the start to make a game ..I know everyone had a good time ..looked to me like it was fun even through its work .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HIGH 5 BLOG !! MAY THIS BE THE START OF MANY MORE YEARS !!!!

  43. Happy Birthday, wow been playing since you started! Love the graphics, bonuses, the reels, you did an amazing job and thanks for sharing it with all of us!!

  44. Love the games just wish we could move money between High 5 and Shake the Sky!!! All the information you provide is spot on!!!

  45. Happy Birthday Bloggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg !!!! Love all the blog infro about the new games and ways to help win more …. Keep up the great job !!! Judy Cone Level 196

  46. You do a great job of explaining how to win!!! Would like to see more about the parents of this wonderful blog site!!! Thanks for all the hours of fun you have given me over this last year!! Hugs to all of you and Congratulations!!!

  47. I wish there were some way for you to get the Mystic Mermaid Slots. We go to different casinos around the states like Seneca Niagara, Allegany Seneca, Charlestown WV, and alot of others through our travels..We live 3 miles from Mountaineer Casino in WV, and at all these i love to play the mermaids. Seems to be a really popular slot. Either way, I enjoy playing High 5 slots..Happy Birthday!

  48. in the past year I have read all the blogs and enjoyed them… they have given me insight on how to play certain games and made me aware of what kind of games I am drawn to… I think you’re doing a great job…

  49. I absolutely love the tumbling slots! If we had a way to add slots to our favorites, thats all you would see in my list! Happy birthday, High 5, and keep the imagination strong!

  50. I LOVE this site and tell all my friends about it. Love the stuff you blog. Address is 4510 Union Baptist Rd Lenoir NC 28645 and my name is Marty Wendt.

  51. I personally look forward to your new year and all the surprises in new slot games that you will ultimately provide. You are the greatest, with great and wonderful graphics, sound effects, and fairly excellent payouts compared to others. You have one devoted fan. One which always recommends you games to others. Keep up the great work.

  52. Happy Birthday High 5 Blog! My husband and I play these games and are competing against each other to see who can get the most games to level 100. I am way in the lead! We love these games. We live in northern South Dakota where it is so cold in the winter that we can’t get out much. The only thing we would like to see on the site is that it is easier to get the new games. Sometimes it takes us a few days to get them. Love this site!

  53. I would love to see the price per line feature change so that when we have to bet we don’t have to click on the up or down so many times. Like to see it open and we can adjust our coins per bet easily!!

  54. Sometimes I get confused on winning spins…I think I won n didn’t….maybe have a blog that explains wins…..happy birthday n I enjoy ur blog….I like learning n reading it

  55. Happy Birthday H5C! I play at H5C just about everyday. I recently retired and now have the time to play for hours. When I worked, I would hurry home to see what was new. I enjoy just bout every new game that is available, but I do have a few favorites that I really enjoy. I hope that H5C continues to expand with more exciting games. My only hope is that the price of purchasing coins becomes more affordable like in other on line game casinos.

  56. in the past year I have read all the blogs and enjoyed them…they have given me insight on how to play certain games and made me aware of what kind of games I am drawn to…I think you’re doing a great job..

  57. Have always loved most of the games you have presented but the last 3 months, and I don’t believe it is just luck gone bad, they have tightened up enormously…payouts have dropped drastically and if and when you can hit a bonus the payout is bad then too…I’m so disappointed as was fav. site but I live on fixed income and cannot afford to buy points to play. If you can bring back the old way the games played I’m sure it would be the favorite again….From reading other posts many others feel exactly the same way….Happy birthday High 5!!!

  58. Sometimes I think I should of won but didn’t…..would like to see high5 blog explain how u win on games….ty n I love high5 blog…I learn alot

  59. i may grip at times but i love your games.i would love to see more ligar loot types and rum city and glamorous getaway.be more fun with extra bonuses in the games.i wish there were more than 3 spins at a time when collecting at beginning bc its really hard to hit something on the spins when you go to collect your bonus points.happy birthday and thank you all.

  60. Hi and Happy Birthday 🙂 I love reading this and look forward to it all the time. I would like to see more tumbling reels. It has improved a lot though so I cant really say I would like to see much more of anything. Maybe another fun cartoon themed slot would be fun. Keep up the awesome work and once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🙂

  61. Just keep doing what your doing you cant go wrong if you do your games are great and I spend a lot of time playing them Happy Birthday and keep them coming. THANKS…

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