Game Spotlight: The Newsmen

The Newsmen is the 124th game to release at High 5 Casino! Live footage for this game was filmed in High 5 Games‘ in-office studios using real actors and rad 70s-style costumes. Mario, the art director of H5G’s 50 West studio, provided some insight into the background of this far-out new game:

Action News Channel 5 is New York City’s top-rated newscast in the 1970s, but when an internal drug ring threatens to bring the news media giant down, NYC’s top undercover detectives pose as newsmen to bring the drug dealers to justice. It sounds like an ideal plan — the only problem is, while they’re truly New York’s finest cops, they’re also the worst newscasters in the world!

Get to know each of The Newsmen below, and find out more about their double lives — newscasters by day, crime fighters by night!

jack garity + don mosley


detective vaugh

michael halljen G

The Newsmen features Super Stacks and Bonus Select, so you know big wins are in store. Players that unlocked Glamorous Getaway and reached game level 100 before January 14th 11:59 pm EST can enjoy The Newsmen unlocked! If you didn’t unlock Glamorous Getaway or reach level 100 in time, no sweat! You can still unlock The Newsmen on H5C’s lobby slot.

For more behind-the-scenes footage of The Newsmen, click on any of the images below.

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5 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: The Newsmen

  1. Hey Dom, we’re sorry for the inconvenience. Our game developers are currently looking into some bugs appearing in the Newsmen and they are trying their best to bring the game back. Please stay tuned and thank you for your patience!

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  4. frose up 2 times on the news man was told you creidted my account an i didnt get it i I got will you reimburse me with some creidts my name is patricia marie witherspoon an I was up to 1,030.590.60 the 2 one I had big points on there an never recived

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