Game Spotlight: The Green Machine Global

It’s pure and simple, fast and fun. Choose your risk and your reward in The Green Machine Global, which debuts today as the 125th slot at High 5 Casino! The Green Machine Global has different gameplay mechanics than the other slots at H5C, so we asked game designer Brent to fill us in on the details:

“What you see is what you get in The Green Machine Global. Instead of paylines or ways, you can choose to bet on up to five different colors, all of which have different values – some will show up often with small wins, while others will show up less often but yield larger payouts. If one of the colors you bet on lands anywhere on the reels, you win. It’s that simple! You can play it safe, go for big jackpots, or do both, so there’s lots of flexibility for players. This is the first game that I worked on to debut at High 5 Casino, so I hope it does well and players enjoy it!”

The Green Machine Global is inspired by The Green Machine, which is one of the most popular land-based slot games of all time. We hope H5C players love our version as much as the original!

What do you think of The Green Machine Global? What type of slots would you like to see High 5 Games make in the future?

Unlock The Green Machine Global at High 5 Casino.

15 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: The Green Machine Global

  1. Downloaded the new slot and lets me choose bets but cannot spin. Just sits there. Really want to try this!

  2. I have tried to play Green Machine but obviously missing something. I can get different amounts in different colors but seems max bet in each column is .05 and I cannot get the multiplier button to respond. What am I doing wrong?

  3. Why can’t I get the new Game Green machine Global, I’ve shut down my pc . I’ve refreshed the site , But nothing, I have also missed the 4 and 8am points , for both my husband and I , Mine is slipsmomma1@ and my husband’s is please fix this problem

    Thank you Rachel Talamantez

  4. I can’t get into High 5 Casino – what’s up. I have been trying for a couple of hours now.

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