High 5 Games Help Desk

Every couple of weeks Elaine, High 5 Blog’s customer-care correspondent, stops by to discuss ways to optimize your High 5 Casino and/or Shake the Sky experience.

Hello there High 5-ers! Did you all survive the storm? We’re just digging out here at High 5 Games‘ New York office. Today I’m going to go over the different account types you can have at High 5 Casino, and where you can use them.

1. Facebook account

Most of you probably know that you can play High 5 Casino on Facebook, and all your progress is connected to your Facebook account. What you might not know is that you can use your Facebook account to log-in to our mobile apps on iOS and Android. You can also use your Facebook account to play our games through High5Casino.net.

2. PlayReal account

If you don’t have a Facebook account, or would rather not use your Facebook information, you can create a PlayReal account using your email address. You can use your PlayReal account to log-in at High5Casino.net and on iOS and Android.

3. Guest account

H5C guest accounts are only available on iOS and Android. You create a guest account by hitting ‘Play Now’ when you open the mobile app, instead of logging in. Guest accounts do not retain progress after your session is done, so we definitely recommend spinning with a Facebook or PlayReal account so you can save your progress.

Alright, that’s it for me and our account types. Please let me know in the comments of this post if you have any burning questions you’d like me to address in the future. However you log-in, thanks for playing High 5 Casino! Good luck and happy spinning!

18 thoughts on “High 5 Games Help Desk

  1. finally got new games open but every time I get free sp
    games in guitar game, first time I didnt get a spin one and the next time all the reels would spin except one row and had to keep shutting computer off and I Pad… soooooo frustrating

  2. My password has been erased from my Play real account and I’m supposed to get a link to get it back, but I haven’t gotten anything from you guy’s yet.I can’t play if I can’t get into my account. would you please give me my password ,so i can play ? My e-mail is adrienogdn@yahoo.com I can’t remember what my password was.

  3. I have noticed that lately for some reason the High5 and Shake the Sky as well have a sort of pause in the spins, I’m not sure if there is something on my computer that is causing this or what? I’ve tried paying in Full screen mode and that helped once, it’s even starting to mess with the spins when I spin for my bonus every 4 hours! PLEASE help or send me a link to get in touch with you to further discuss/fix! HELP!!!!

  4. I accidentally deleted my facebook page on Saturday, Feb. 28 and had it reloaded. My problem is that my High 5 game and Shake the Sky were not at the levels I had on Friday, Feb. 27. They all started at level 1 again. Is there any way my levels and be reinstated? My husband was the one playing those games and it has helped him take his mind off his illness. Now having to start over, he just stopped playing altogether, because of my error. Please help!!! Thank You!

  5. I played yesterday I finally got over amillion points.i accidentally pushed max and lost all of my points I would like you to ck my account and verify I never bid big, im at level 181 . I would like you to return my max points that I accidentally pushed so I can be able to enjoy my points I finally won. I lost them 4-26. thank you. i would like to continue to play your games .lindapygman66@hotmail.com

    • Hi Linda, Because A Visit from St. Nick has been removed from the game selections as the season has ended, you will no longer receive the 4-Hour bonus coins for the game. This is why your 4-Hour Bonus coin value has changed. We hope this explanation clears everything up!

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