Shake the Sky’s January Kickoff Stats


Shake the Sky was spun approximately 12 million times a day! That means 500,000 times in an hour! How many spins do you think you contributed at STS last month? Spin your reels now and let February become your richest month at Shake the Sky!

Check out some cool stats below for Shake the Sky in January:

Top-five most-played games: Golden Knight, Golden Peony, Cherry Mischief, Van Gogh and Dragons of Avalon
Total spins: 378,563,247
Spins per day: 12,211,718
Total STS money won: 91, 897, 046, 748, 280
Cumulative hours spent playing: 766,072

Congratulations to Michelle T. who was the first to come up with the correct answer of last week’s Slot Trivia. Michelle will receive a High 5 Games water bottle and notebook! So… let’s announce the answer! The world record for the largest slot machine tournament was made by The Pechanga Resort & Casino. The event featured a total of 2,885 players and the top 300 players won $100,000 in cash and Easy Play. Would you like to attend one as well? Let us know by clicking the conversation bubble located at the top right of this blog post!

6 thoughts on “Shake the Sky’s January Kickoff Stats

  1. i have never lost so much coins as i have tonight ..i had 80,000 coins or more and i now only have 11,000..i only played about 2 hrs. i have had bad days but not like this..i dont like the new look..some things are better off left alone and this game is one of them..if you were to change anything it should have been the amt. you want to bet ..i always hated having to start from 2million and work my way should start at zero and work your way up and now that you have made the game look different and the amt. you want to bet even harder to figure out i doubt i will return to play..sometimes you should ask the customers if they would be interested in changing the look and the way you i doubt you will be receiving any more of my money to play again..speaking of which..this is the most expensive game to buy coins to play..another thought for you

  2. Hey Karen, we’re sorry this happened to you. Please try clearing your browser cache if you haven’t done so. We found a very easy way for players to do this by clicking CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE on their keyboard at once and then selecting cookies, temporary files, website data, and cache and then clear now. If you still have difficulty, please try restarting your computer see if it helps. Thank you for your patience!

  3. What is up with High 5 today, games are not loading up and everything is so slow!!!

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