Game Spotlight: Wild Horses


We know you’ve been waiting, High 5-ers! Today, we’ve added Wild Horses as the 131th premium slot on High 5 Casino!

Be your own master today and experience the freedom, independence, strength and power with the wild horses. In Wild Horses, these beautiful animals are on display for the entire world to see. Galloping under transcendent skies, they’ll lead you towards serenity. With stunning animations and beautiful visuals, these powerful and graceful companions practically leap off the 3 by 5 reels!

But that is not it… Wild Horses features Activated Wilds! A variety of horses in the game serve as Activated Wilds. If you get one of these symbols in the fifth reel, it can transform other symbols into wilds as well! In the bonus round, all of these select symbols are wild – giving players a greater chance of recording even more wins!

Check out Wild Horses now at High 5 Casino. Comment in the conversation bubble located at the top right of this blog post and let us know what you think of Wild Horses!


13 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: Wild Horses

  1. Hey Irene, please email and let us know what happened. Make sure to include your username and player level, our customer support team will further assist you from there. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  2. I am upset with High5! You were down for maintenance that was not needed ! You made a mess! Printing too small and too much gribbish to see. Guess you’ll block me from High 5 and really won’t let me get any credits. So be it—it’s hooray for High5 anyway. I am mad as the Wild Horses running across the screen going nowhere. Change back the graphics li,ke they were.

  3. We’re sorry to hear that. Please email and let us know what happened here. Make sure to include your username and player level, our customer support team will assist you from there. Thank you for your patience!

  4. Couldn’t wait for Wild Horses to be released. I will, however, take my chances at unlocking it through game play. It’s foolish to pay $20 for it. Does High 5 need our money so badly it has to resort to this?

  5. Your web site is going downhill, a lot of friend deleted, can you repair the problems.

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