Game Spotlight: Bai She


Bai She – Romance For 1000 Years, the latest game in our Romance Series, debuts as the 47th game at Shake the Sky this week!

Bai She is based on a famous myth known throughout China. Once upon a time, Bai She, a white snake, is rescued by Xu Xian, a scholar. He disappears, and a smitten Bai She tracks him to a bridge, where she transforms herself into a beautiful woman and awaits his arrival. The couple is married, but soon after Xu Xian is brainwashed by Fa Hai, a monk, and leaves Bai She. The couple is eventually reunited, but Fa Hai ends up capturing Bai She in a special bowl, where she is trapped in her original snake form while Xu Xian wastes away.

Bai She features Super Stacks and Pays That Start From Any Reel. If you land on winning combinations, you’ll win no matter which reels they are on!

Play Bai She – Romance For 1000 Years now and win big today!

18 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: Bai She

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  2. I can’t believe I said tha “Must have been sleeping” or the phrase belongs to someone else??

  3. I hear you Jack?? I do not spend $40.00 of my cash like you do. What do you get in return???

  4. I hear you Jack. I have the same thing, well almost? If I could win a little more, I could play a lot more. I have to have hugh bids and oops there goes all of my money ? I love all of my “Open Games” and love them more when I can win!!!

  5. this game is beautiful and attractive. I like it so much, Thanks Guys !

  6. Hey Jack, we can assure you that we have not, do not and will not ever tighten or alter our slot payouts. Unlike other apps that may have pre-determined results for slot spins, our slots are completely random to give our players an authentic casino feel. We hope your big wins arrive soon!

  7. I’m at player limit 200…I play everyday, spending 40.00 a month, I’m reporting that the pays, the bonus on games is smaller…one game, is at level 202…it seems to quit almost all together..but, what do I know/

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