What’s New at H5C Today?

High 5 Games always strives to improve our player’s gaming experience. Today, we have prepared a list of some new exciting things we have added to High 5 Casino.

First, we’re excited to announce the launch of tournaments! Compete with other H5C players in 24 different tournament rooms with five very exciting tournament types. Each tournament will have a different time limit, spin count, entry fee, and prize amount. Now not only do you have the chance to compete against your friends but with tournaments you have the chance to compete against players around the world.

Check out some details below about the five exclusive tournament types:
Hi-Lo: How extreme is your luck? Put it to the test in this tournament where only the highest and lowest ranking players win.
50/50: Take your chances in this tournament of luck! 50 players enter, but only 10 leave victorious!
Cash Blast: Blast your way to the top to claim the cash! Only the top 5 competitors win in this tough but lucrative tournament!
Prize Party: Join the party and maximize your chances at a prize! 1 out of every 4 players will win!
Colossal Cash: Climb to the top of the leaderboard in this massive 500 player tournament. Prizes await the top 100 players!

Adjust_ur_betH5C’s New Look
But that’s not all! At High 5 Games, we value player feedback immensely and, based on player’s suggestions and insights, we’ve also decided to implement a few features to bring more convenience to our players.

Now you will be able to:
1. Adjust your bet easily by selecting your desired betting amounts.
2. Scroll through your game library seamlessly and rediscover old. favorites by using our new scroll bar
3. Collect your 4 hour bonus easier. Now the four hour collect button will be conveniently placed below your lobby spins.
4. Pick your choice of Slots, Video Poker, or Tournaments to play in a more convenient way by using the navigation icons above your game library.
5. We have new symbols to represent Player Level and Game Level. The crown indicates your Player Level and the star represents your Game Level.

Palladium Deluxe Now Available to UnlockPalladium__Glass_Mobile_MOBILE_1200x1200
Don’t forget! More convenience also means more fun. Especially when a new game is released! So come join in on the fun at The Palladium Deluxe, our 134th premium game to High 5 Casino. Let super stacks bring you the VIP experience in the hottest night club in town!

What are you waiting for? Head to High 5 Casino and spin your way to tournament glory and explore more! Comment in the conversation bubble located at the top right of this blog post and let us know what you think

87 thoughts on “What’s New at H5C Today?

  1. Hey Beth, free tournaments are available to our players at 12am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm and 10pm EST. Please note that only 1000 players can enter each session, so be sure to be the first to save a spot. Thanks for playing!

  2. Thank you for letting us know what you think of our change. Tournaments are new at High 5 Casino and we’re trying out new things. Our latest update was designed to make tournaments bigger, fuller, and more rewarding with bigger jackpots. We hope you win big with higher stakes and higher prizes!

  3. the tournys need yhe 2000 3000 5000 back not all the high dollar ammounts

  4. Hey Ray, we’re sorry this happened to you. Please e-mail us at support@high5games.com and detail your issue for us. Please be sure to include your player level and Facebook name and we’ll be happy to help you from there. Thank you very much for your patience!


  6. Hey there, we’re sorry this happened to you. Please e-mail us at support@high5games.com and detail your issue for us. Please be sure to include your player level and Facebook name and we’ll be happy to help you from there. Thank you very much for your patience!

  7. I was playing and 3 times, the pick prize game froze. Could not get back in to where i was. Watch this !

  8. Know what you mean it is happening to me also. Just small amounts. Also they are not paying what they say they are going to pay. I do not put money in anymore so do not expect and am not winning anymore. Oh I get a few points now and again but nothing much. I play most of the day and always know what I am going to get. I like it better when there are over 200 in the room as I get a few more points. Not enough to win but it is supposed to look better. So I know I can’t win anymore and do not expect anything from them I just enjoy playing and use my four hour bonuses to play. If you know it is crooked you don’t expect anything else. Just enjoy playing.

  9. Hey Kathie, we’re sorry you feel that way. Please make sure to email suppport@high5games.com and let us know what happened here. Make sure to include your username and player level, our customer support team will assist you from there. Thank you for your patience!

  10. Hey Brandy, we’re sorry that you’re experiencing this issue. Please make sure to update your High 5 Casino app on your mobile device. If you still have difficulty after doing so, make sure to email support@high5games.com with your username, player level and a description of the issue for the further assistance. Thank you for the patience!

  11. My I Phone 5s and also My New IPad will not load high 5 app at all I am so disappointed. Also for people like me who buy coins for my Mom and friends is beyond upsetting. Please fix this now.

  12. For my IPhone 5 and my I pad which is the newest one the game goes to a blank black screen vey unhappy!!!!!

  13. What’s up with the Tournament winnings. When I click on the Collect winnings button it does nothing and the amount doesn’t add to my balance??

  14. played pearl bay hi lo game, why do you allow someone to enter game and never spin one time to take the low point total and coins? So you allow cheating?

  15. Hey there, please click “f” icon locating right next to the YouTube icon on the bottom right corner of our app page to get to our fan page! Please give it a try and let us know if you still have difficulty.

  16. Hey Ruth, please click “f” icon locating right next to the YouTube icon on the bottom right corner of our app page to get to our fan page! Please give it a try and let us know if you still have difficulty.

  17. Thank you for your feedback and we will pass it along to our team. Meanwhile, you can click on the Facebook icon locating right next to the YouTube icon on the bottom right corner to get to our fan page from the game. Give it a try and let us know if you still have difficulty. Thank you for your patience!

  18. there’s bugs in your new Tournament play, bumps you out , then when you reboot/refresh, it wont let you re-enter the game ,,, credits are lost, and a message says:” your playing on another device” !!!! WTF is up with that . soon be deleting this app as well. sad when I have been playing faithfully everyday


  20. Hi: Just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your tourneys. It really is funny though that yesterday was my first day and it seemed I was winning something in almost every game I played. Today though is a different matter. You really should have been a little more subtle though. I don’t care if I win or not I just enjoy playing and now I really do not need to put money in to play anymore. So although we were very stupid for putting money in to something with no return forthcoming those of us that have high levels no longer have to . Thank you. Keep up the good work.

  21. The tournament thing is great but every time you mess with the rest of the stuff it just screws up every thing. I can no longer get my hourly bonus and I can no longer see all my slot choices. All I can get is that stupid thing that asks how I want them displayed. Have you never heard the old saying, ” If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” ? I really enjoy High 5 as it is very relaxing after a hard day but you can’t seem to leave a ” good ” thing alone!

  22. numbers and letters are too small people have a hard time seeing them my wife for 1

  23. The new High 5 look no longer lets you see what each level pays. For example I know when you get to 100 it pays 70.

  24. I have a question: I really like playing in the tournaments as it is not as expensive. However where does the “money” go that you win. I see where it comes out of my account but the winnings are not going back in. Thank you

  25. This new look is TERRIBLE!!! The numbers are hard to see (so little); the page scroll bar is not “user friendly” and then we have to scroll up or down to see things! Yet there is room to fit everything (notice all the blank spaces)! Put it back to the way it was before; don’t change things “just to change them” without adding anything of value and end up taking away from the usefulness of the previous version. Additionally, on all the games I have noticed (and actually counted) it takes over 100 spins on most of the games to get the bonus rounds! Then once you get the bonus round; it takes approximately 20 spins to even get a payoff! I understand this is a free version; but don’t make it so I don’t even want to play!

  26. I ,as an older person do not like the tiny numbers you now have……it is difficult to see the balance at a glance…

  27. I have not been able to open your site since yesterday. All I get is Black page. Please check onto this and correct this. Thanks!

  28. your new way sucks, 4horses in row plus wild and no points, what the hells up, I hate this new way, go back

  29. Well, mostly, it is confusing. At least to me. Maybe I just didn’t see it, but how do you get back to the lobby to change games or use the lobby spins? I ended up exiting out of the game completely and coming back. Please get back to me with this information? Thank you. Gail Hall

  30. Now I don’t know how to get to the bonus like you had today a bonus for 10,000 coins but I tried to collect it and the games were down for you so-called improvements – I think if you don’t want people to get p-oed about your game you need to inform people and navigate then through before you change things – Does that mean if I am not on computer when you offer these bonus that I will not get them now – how do I get to the comments and news pages where I used to be able to collect bonuses or

  31. I for one do not like changes!! But will try to adjust, but in the meantime, I have 160 something level, and I got to unlock a new game, but cannot play it? I do not like playing tournaments!! And I do not think it is right to make me play the tournaments. It was the only way I could get into the new game?!?

  32. oh swell I gt the new pallidum game as promised how disappointed it was given as a high stakes game boooooooooooooo h5casino!!!

  33. What happened to us getting the palladium deluxe opened if we were at level 150 plus by March 26 so far it is still locked

  34. I am rank 186 and you guys want to charge me $5 to open Palladium Deluxe. I’ve earned it and it should be free. What is going on.

  35. I don’t like the changes, LOVED the old colors, old layout, and it is not easier to see the games. Why change what works?

  36. what happened to the old fan page? this really bites! I thought if you were at level 150 or more by the 25th of March you were suppose to have the new palladium deluxe opened, Well I am level 178 and I can either get it by buying it or spinning.

  37. where can I see all the posts before we went to fan page now its gone and theres no where to see what everyone has to say???? I hate the new look and I still don’t have the palladiumn delux that was promised to those who reached certain level yet I see its for sale or spin top unlock that’s bs!!!!

  38. Why can’t I open the new game – The Paladium Deluxe. My Player Level is 249?

  39. Does not seem any easier or more fun to play with changes. Would like 3-hour time between free coins, as only get about 4-5 plays many times after waiting 4-hours. Do like your games and efforts to make them more and more enjoyable, but as far as writing
    stories, etc., most people just want to PLAY slots. It seems to me that one day a week I am awarded more coins and more time; otherwise, not so much. Thanks for the fun and the free coins that I do receive.

  40. ok I see you have the pallidum deluxe to buy or unlockbutou promised it to those who reached a certain level so why don’t I have it?

  41. what a joke….for some reason bet the same as always yet it takes more and pays out less why didn’t you just fix the issue with the new palladium game you promised that I have yet to see and leave the rest alone!!!!

  42. What happened to the new game that was supposed to open today if your player level was over 150. Sorry do not like new format but that is good for me and will save me money. Thank you

  43. I don’t like the new H5C took forever to find bonus, and I personally don’t like the look moving things around just makes it harder to play, on the bright side I’ll build up my credits as now I know where to collect that is all I’ll be doing until you change it. If you don’t change it I’ll probably drop you for good.

  44. do not like the smaller play area- site pictures and “emblems” decorating site way, way to busy, never liked wins scrolling down the side. sometimes your “improvements” are not better. On a positive still ,like your slots better than other sites.

  45. Some of your changes are kinda nice. But you have made the credit amounts, etc. in such small print that they are almost impossible to see. And I really don’t like it when, after you play a game, it moves to the “back of the line”. I like to go back and forth between my favorites, and I can’t find them as easily now. Maybe in the “sort by” section, you could have a “sort by last played” button. that would be nice, too. I am an unlucky player. I hover around 20,000 to 50,000 credits all the time. So when you change my favorite games to high level. I can’t play them anymore. Just sayin’.

  46. Although the page looks good I am still waiting for the promised Palladium game to open for those us over player level 150. Also have noticed the link to the fan page is gone. Not so sure I like that. When will we get our promised game?

  47. dont really care for some of your changes, cash figures too small, now I need my glasses to play my favorite games. too many changes at one time. thanx

  48. Don’t like the new design–it’s hard to read. And what happened to your fan page?

  49. I really like the ideal of tournaments and video poker; however, I did like the clean background of your former site better. I’m not sure what you mean about the scroll down feature for the betting amounts, I will have to study that again.
    Thanks again H5C for making this site even better for the players and for the free coins to play with!

  50. here is the lobby button , I would like to play my slots and it shows tournament

  51. mostly I like the changes, except for making the amounts small which is hard for old folks like me with cataracts, see the dollar amounts.

  52. Where is the free game unlock you promised for players at the 150+ level on March 26th???

  53. I would like to get my games on the screen!!! All I have is a blank burgundy screen and no way to play any games. Can’t you just leave well-enough alone? I have limited time to play so after you are finally up now I can’t get on!! 50,000 is no good if you can’t play!!!

  54. I cannot find the purchase more credits in the “new” casino and there is no link to the fan page

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