Congratulations Spring into a Story Winners!

WOW! We always knew our players were talented in many different ways but we never knew they were such amazing storytellers. Thank you to everyone that participated for writing such fabulous stories that we’ve had a blast reading! While you are all winners in our eyes, only a few can win the grand prize. Congratulations to the five grand prize winners of the Spring into a Story contest!

1) Michele D., The First Day of Spring

2) Gail H., Keep the Mermaids in Sighth5c_SpringIntoStory_WallStories_Winner2_Cat_Mermaids_1200

3) Mark M., Springtime in the Foresth5c_SpringIntoStory_WallStories_Winner4_DreamBeauty_1200

4) Becky D., Adventure of a Royal Lion h5c_SpringIntoStory_WallStories_Winner3_ROYAL_1200

5) Lee R., Spring Smells Delicious h5c_SpringIntoStory_WallStories_Winner5_AMANTE_1200

How do you like these stories? Please comment in the conversation bubble located at the top right of this blog post and let us know. For a full list of winners visit:

(List available for viewing now through April 8th).

14 thoughts on “Congratulations Spring into a Story Winners!

  1. Usuarios de High 5, atención!! Controlen el indicador de créditos porque FUNCIONA MAL!! Si ganas 8000 créditos, No los suma correctamente, a veces inclusive los resta… juego habitualmente y esto es algo que no ha pasado una vez, sino MUCHAS veces. Tenía 99.000 créditos, una jugada me da 13.000 créditos y me carga 1.300! Otra vez, con 68.000 creditos, gano 4.500 y me carga solo 900, por favor, verifiquen y publiquen
    Ah! y no desean publicar este comentario

  2. Hey Sue, we’re sorry for the inconvenience. We would like to investigate this issue further for you but we need some help from you. If possible, please answer the following questions and email to
    1) Have you cleared your cache every time before you play our games?
    2) Do you have the latest version of flash player?
    3) What browser do you use? Have you tried switching browser to see if it alleviates the problem.
    We would really appreciate if you can help us answer the above questions and email us, this would allow us to further investigate into this issue. Thank you for your help.

  3. What wonderful stories i enjoyed each and everyone of them so much talent congratulations too all the winners and so well deserved.

  4. Since you did your grand update the other day, the site loads slowly, the games load slowly, and the games themselves drag when changing screens. It takes forever just to change the bet. Please look into this. It is not just my computer either. I have checked with friends who play Hi5 and they are having similar problems since the update. Thanks.

  5. Hi Jen, we’re sorry you are disappointed in our winners selections. There were so many entries and we could only pick a select few. All winners were chosen at random but we hope you enjoyed the coins you received just for participating.

  6. Lol sorry guys, this contest was totally rigged. I am an editor and writer by trade and was intrigued by this competition so I read every entry. Truly a disappointment, I’ll be heading elsewhere. Thanks.

  7. Need to get your mobile android apps working, that’s a story I’d LOVE to read!

  8. Thank you h5c. I enjoyed writing the story, I think I surprised myself! 😍

    Sent from my iPhone


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