High 5 Casino’s Makeover!

Attention, High 5-ers! Did you know that High 5 Casino is now better than ever? In order to improve our players’ gaming experience at High 5 Casino, we’ve implemented a handful of cool features based on feedback and insights we’ve received. If you ever get confused about the new look, make sure to check the list below so you won’t miss out on any of these cool features that we’ve just added:

1. Adjust your bet easily by selecting your desired betting amounts.
Adjust bet
2. We have new symbols to represent Player Level and Game Level. The crown indicates your Player Level and the star represents your Game Level.
Player Level and Game Level Symbol

3. You can collect your 4 hour bonus easier. Now the four hour collect button will be conveniently placed below your lobby spins.
4 hour bonus

4. Pick your choice of Slots, Video Poker, or Tournaments to play in a more convenient way by using the navigation icons above your game library.
Navigation Bar

5. The “Slots” tab or the “Home” icon located on the top of your game page can lead you back to the slot lobby wherever you are. You can also click the “Cash Out” button next to your game level bar.
Home buttonCash Out ButtonSlots Button

6. Scroll through your game library seamlessly and rediscover old favorites by using our new scroll bar.
Scroll Bar

7. The Spin button throughout Slots and Tournaments has a cool new look to freshen things up a bit. Now you can click the teal circular arrow button to spin JACKPOT wins.
Spin button1

8. Love to play on Autoplay? Your Teal SPIN button will turn Pink when it is on. Click on the Auto button located under the Spin button to check it out.
Spin button 2auto spin

9. You can access the fan page by clicking the “F” Facebook logo button located on the bottom right of your game page. You can also get to know us by visiting High 5 Casino on YouTube, Twitter, High 5 Blog and the High 5 Games website, which can be easily found here too.Facebook

10. You can now free-up space on your iOS or Android phone or tablet with the ability to uninstall individual games from High 5 Casino on your mobile device.
Uninstall gamesDon’t let the cool changes scare you! Make sure to head to High 5 Casino today and try out these awesome features. Comment in the conversation bubble located at the top right of this blog post and let us know what you think of the new changes or what you’d like to see us change in the future.

38 thoughts on “High 5 Casino’s Makeover!

  1. Some sort of split screen would make the tournaments such fun (so you could see how the other players around you are doing) – kind of like peeking at the adjacent slots in a real casino tournament. It would really get the competitive juices flowing! Not sure if such a thing would be at all possible; but it sure would be fascinating!
    Karen Coyle

  2. Hey Jian, thank you for letting us know what you think of our change. Tournaments are new at High 5 Casino and we’re trying out new things. Our latest update was designed to make tournaments bigger, fuller, and more rewarding with bigger jackpots. It’s time to bring the competition to the next level with higher stakes and higher prizes!

  3. I didn’t mind the new changes and was really enjoying the tournaments, but why all of a sudden are there only 2 tournaments that cost less that 50k coins? And if you play each of them, when they end it says waiting for players so you can’t play again for a fairly long time. I had left High 5 for a free online casino but then came back when you added the tournaments, I’ll be going back to the online casino now. I don’t spend millions but I do buy coin packages but I’m not going to spend the money to play a couple of games at 200k a pop.

  4. Hey Denise, we’re sorry this happened to you. We would like to look into this issue immediately for you. Please e-mail us at support@high5games.com and detail your issue for us. Please be sure to include your player level and Facebook name (Denise R Woods) and we’ll be happy to help you from there. Thank you very much for your patience!

  5. My second game stuck and would not spin but every seconds decreased my available spins. I left my AirPad for a while, and when I just opened the game on my computer it did not indicate that anything happened other than I lost. This is problematic.

  6. Hey Janet, thank you for your feedback and we will pass it along to our game developing team. Meanwhile, please email support@high5games.com and let us know what exactly happened here. Make sure to include your username and player level, our customer support team will try their best to assist you from there. Thank you for your patience!

  7. Most of the new changes are ok but I don’t like the fact that every time you change to a different slot game, the level of my games don’t stay on the level select button. I liked having it the old way when you clicked on “level” it stayed that way from my best level to the worst level. Now I have to fix it every time. NOT liking this at all.

  8. Hey B.R., please email support@high5games.com and let us know what happened. Make sure to include your username, player level, the model of your mobile device, our customer support team will assist you from there. Thank you for your patience.

  9. Hey Brenda, please try updating the High 5 Casino app on your tablet and see if it helps! If you still have difficulty, please email support@high5games.com with your username, player level, and a description of the issue for further assistance. Thank you for your patience!

  10. Hey Pat, we’re sorry you feel that way. We would like to let you know that our tournament games maintain the same gameplay and math models as our Facebook slots. We sincerely hope your luck turns around and you win big in our tournament games. If you have any further questions, please email support@high5games.com. Thanks for playing!

  11. Tournaments started out as fun. Now some people have gamed the system and you can no longer win anything. I wish whoever gamed the system would let me in on it.

  12. A lot of us are not “mobile”, so we don’t appreciate your updates. Love the addition of Tournaments but there is no bonus reason to play, no big wins – just like playing the regular slot games, just the realization that “You can’t win”. Through playing the tournaments I understand why I’m wasting my time trying to win credits on the real game because the tournaments are just as unforgiving as the real ones. On other game sites, tournaments lead you to believe there is hope and you get more bonuses and free games and a chance to think you can win – your games are tight, your tournaments only show us that gambling is a losing game. I play to win, not to lose every day.

  13. I agree – it’s not easier, it’s harder to read – and the slots are tighter than any real casino I’ve ever played. At the point where I just play down to nothing so I won’t spend so much time playing – any maybe do some housework or get outside and enjoy Spring.

  14. tried clicking on the game for two or three seconds and the game came up. Tried for longer – didn’t work. Tried just tapping it – didn’t work. Now what

  15. Hey Frances, you can play find the information regarding your player level, the game level that you hold for each game on your player card. Please make sure to click on the Player Card button at the top of the lobby or click your profile picture in the friends list. Please give it a try and if you have any further question, please email support@high5games.com Thank you for your patience!

  16. Hey Cindy and Roberta, we’re sorry for the inconvenience. We would like to investigate this issue further for you but we need some help from you. If possible, please answer the following questions and email us at support@high5games.com:
    1) Have you cleared your cache every time before you play our games?
    2) Do you have the latest version of flash player?
    3) What browser do you use? Have you tried switching browser to see if it alleviates the problem.
    We would really appreciate if you can help us answer the above questions and email us, this would allow us to further investigate into this issue. Thank you for your help.

  17. Hey Angelica, we’re sorry you’re having freezing issues while playing tournaments. We suggest restarting your browser if your games start lagging. You can also lower the resolution of your games to LOW by clicking on the gear shaped symbol at the top right corner.

  18. Hey Jenny, High 5 Casino app is currently on iOS and Anroid. Thank you for your for your suggestions and we will pass it along!

  19. Where can I find the icon that brings up the games and shows you where the game level is? I use this to see what games I’m going to play in order to get spins faster. Thank you, I really can’t say I’m thrilled with the new format but everything takes getting used to at first.

  20. I cannot even get into where we left comments before… whats up with that? anyway… I love the tournaments but they loaded way to slow for me. by the time I got into the 50k tournament there was not much time left.. only took 10 minutes to load.. sheesh.. and don’t tell me my cookies because I clean them daily and don’t tell me explorer because I will NOT CHANGE to another one… so basically I wasted 50K in a tournament today. 😦

  21. I agree with Roberta….something needs fixed! I play on a desktop and ever since the “makeover”….it takes 10-11 MINUTES for a game to load before I can even begin to play it…then if you want to change to another game, you start again to download that one for 10-11 MINUTES more…not worth it! Terrible “makeover” would love it back the old way!

  22. I was never much for tournaments and I guess it is cool that all bonuses are now located in the same place with free spins but your update has made it much more difficult to access and load the games. I love the H5 Casino but liked it a lot more before the update. It takes a long time for the High 5 Casino to load when before it was always quick and reliable. I now sometimes have to go through Shake the Sky to get to H5 Casino and sometimes I have to turn the IPAD completely off and back on for it to work. My wife has the same problem on her IPAD and all of this started immediately following the update. I hope that you can fix this bug soon. It is very irritating to have to fix something that was not broken to allegedly improve the overall casino.

  23. Hey player, please try updating your mobile app to see if it works. If you still have difficulty, please email support@high5games.com with your username, player level and a description of the issue here. Thank you for your patience!

  24. Have not be able to get on with my IPad since the makeover. Any suggestions?

  25. Hey B.R., please try holding the game that you want to uninstall for two seconds. You will receive a UNINSTALL GAME pop up message, and click “UNINSTALL”! Please give it a try and let us know if you still have difficulty.

  26. Hey Roberta and Jean, we’re sorry to hear that. Could you tell us which platform you are experiencing this issue? iOS, Android, or a desktop? Please email the answer along with a description of the issue to support@high5games.com, our customer support team will further assist you from there. Thank you for your patience!

  27. Ever since you update your program, I have trouble opening it. I have reported this and am still having problems . Wish you would check this out for me. Right now I only have an iPhone 5 and an iPad . I am at level 214.

  28. IMO the changes stink. the background is too busy on the eyes. i dislike the collect feature under the lobby spin button, as i often click the wrong one using a lobby spin or 2 when i dont want to. the text is too small for most people. i wish you would show us what you were working on before you make it live that way you could iron out all of the issues that we have before its implemented. you claim you do things for your fans, but your actions state otherwise.

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