High 5 Casino Spring Forward Stats:


Wild Horses was the most popular High 5 Casino game in March! What makes you play it the most? Is it the stunning animations and beautiful visuals? Maybe it is just because you love the freedom, independence and energy that the Wild Horses shares with you? Or could it be the MEGA wins the Activated Wilds feature brings you? Let us know what you love about Wild Horses in the conversation bubble located at the top right of this blog post.

Also, take a look at all of March High 5 Casino stats:

Total spins for the month of March: 3,351,961,700
Number of spins per day: 108,127,797
Total money won: $ 7,567,689,662,092
Top 5 most-played games for March: Wild Horses, Ringside Riches, Les Belles Nouveau, Golden Sheep and Perfect Gentlemen
Cumulative hours spent playing: 6,264,478

If you like the Activated Wilds feature in Wild Horses, make sure to head over to High 5 Casino and play our latest release, Shipwrecked Lovers, that has the same cool feature.

12 thoughts on “High 5 Casino Spring Forward Stats:

  1. Hey Claire, we are planning on adding more tournament games. Please stay tuned to our fan page for updates! Thank you for playing at High 5 Casino!

  2. Hey Malbosha, we’re sorry for the wait. As long as you email us, our customer support team will answer your email in the order that they are received. Also, make sure that you emailed us at support@high5games.com Thank you for your patience!

  3. Wild Horses and Ringside Rictches were my favorite games last month, so nice games, i like them so much !

  4. if your doing so well why dont you give e the coins for the story i did or for the surveys i took or for reffering a friend your customer
    service has only ignored me

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