Game Spotlight: Circus Treasure


The circus is back in town, and it’s better than ever! After a day of hasty preparation, the charismatic ringmaster welcomes you into the large, colorful tent where the evening’s festivities will take place. You scan the room and see your old favorites, like the beautiful fire breather, the imposing strong man, the wild human cannonball, and the daring tightrope walker, but you’re most excited for the new entertainment that’s in store…

Visit High 5 Casino today to enjoy this exciting show in Circus Treasure, our 137th premium slot game. Let Super Symbols and Split Symbols bring you some unprecedented JACKPOT wins.

What do you think of Circus Treasure? Comment in the conversation bubble located at the top right of this blog post and let us know if you’ve ever enjoyed a circus spectacular!

13 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: Circus Treasure

  1. The pay table explains the wild symbols but I have never seen one. Bonus round just don’t happen.

  2. Hey Arleen, we’re sorry to hear that. Sometimes players have hot streaks and sometimes things just don’t seem to match up. Hopefully that will change and you can start winning big!

  3. Circus Treasure is no treasure. My first of 2 bonuses didn’t arrive until level 81! Second at level 93 and sure didn’t make it worthwhile waiting for,

  4. Hey Don, we’re very sorry to hear your bonus games freeze! If you refresh your High 5 Casino page in your browser after this happens, you will see a pop-up awarding you with the credits you would’ve won in that particular Bonus round. To be safe, please reduce your game resolution by clicking the gear icon in the top-right corner of the lobby and choosing “Low.” We hope this helps!

  5. The game is okay, but every time I’ve gotten free spins it won’t spin. I have to restart and you give me the same reply. Your winnings have been credited to your account.

  6. Sorry to hear you haven’t unlocked the new game. Please make sure to collect your free coins and spins to maximize your chances. We wish you best of luck!

  7. Used up my 99 spins and didn’t get the new game unlocked, will let you know
    how I like it some time when ever I get the Circus game.

  8. I remember going to Barnham &Baiy circus when it was a huge spectacular. You missed including the high flyers . Thy were my favorites.

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