Game Spotlight: Snow Monkeys


Did you know that snow monkeys are known to live in areas where snow covers the ground for most of the year? At High 5 Casino, you will have the chance to spend some Springtime with the cutest, most fun-loving primates that you’ll ever meet.

Just watching them frolic in Japanese hot springs will almost make you forget about the task at hand…winning lots of money! Be ready to spin the reels and be transported to a world of care-free fun and surprising riches in Snow Monkeys! The 3-4-5-4-3 reels offer 720 ways to win! Even better, the bonus can have up to 96 initial free spins!

Don’t monkey around with these tremendous payouts! Head to High 5 Casino today and boost your wealth in no time in our 139th premium slot. What do you think of Snow Monkeys? Comment in the conversation bubble located at the top right of this blog post and let us know!

9 thoughts on “Game Spotlight: Snow Monkeys

  1. I would’ve to play the game but I am unable to unlock it at this time.

  2. I can’t wait to play it???? I hope I will get it soon. It has been a long time since I got a free new game.:(

  3. It looks like a cute game. But since I neither have it to be unlocked or to be purchased, or anything, I would not know. Looks like I am not the only one passed by. Hmmm

  4. Hey rOBERT, all players continue to have the same opportunity to unlock new games via the lobby slot. We wish you lots of luck spinning the lobby slot and hope you unlock a new game soon! Also, don’t forget that we have 130+ games at High 5 Casino so there are so many to choose from in the meantime!

  5. Hey there, please make sure to sort your games by “Latest” and see if you receive it. If you still have difficulty, please email and let us know what happened. Make sure to include your username and player level, our customer support team will assist you from there. Thank you for your patience!

  6. i can not belive that you want us to buy the new game;you do not even give enough points to play then we all have to wait 4 hours in between ;i have been a faithfull player for 2 or more yearsthis is not fair at alland your slots are so tight right now.come on now be fair or i and other players will go to other player sites where they are fair this really sucks,

  7. I don’t have snow monkies open yet but I’m looking forward to playing the game

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