Shake the Sky Fantastic May Stats

The data is in for Shake the Sky! In May, players spent 593,594 hours spinning STS slots. So… let’s put it this way – if it takes a person 11 years to walk around the earth, the cumulative hours players spent playing at Shake the Sky would allow this person to travel six times around the world.

Check out more cool stats below for Shake the Sky in May:

Total spins for the month of May: 295,922,141
Number of spins per day: 9,545,876
Total money won: $73,390,980,938,150
Top 5 most played games for May: Golden Knight, Bai She, Golden Peony, Miss Universe: Crowning Moment and Dragons Of Avalon
Cumulative hours spent playing: 593,594

How many hours did you spent at Shake the Sky last month? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the blog post and let us know. Visit Shake the Sky and win big today!

5 thoughts on “Shake the Sky Fantastic May Stats

  1. i spent many hours by day last month, i like Shake The Sky, too much FUN !

  2. Hey Warren, thank you for playing our games. Please stay tuned to our fan page for free coin promotions as we often run special promotions for our players to earn free coins. Thank you for your patience!

  3. Hey Allan, we’re sorry to keep you waiting. We’ve forwarded your feedback to our game developers and they are working tirelessly to release a new game as soon as possible. Please stay tuned to our fan page for updates! Thank you for playing!

  4. I Was Told About A Month Ago That There Would Be New Games Coming To STS, We Have Not Had Any New Games For Months, It Is Pretty Boring !! , Please Help, Allan.

  5. how about some freebies for players…. cant find a app page that gives coins to players… getting bored of just playing with daily bonus, gone in few spins… been playing long long long time and cant get decent coinage together more than 50k then blink its gone…

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