Employee Spotlight


Meet one of the brilliant minds behind great slot titles like She-Wolf, Kiss of the Rose and more! Get to know Scott Altmann!

 1. What inspired you to create Kiss of the Rose?

We had this idea to create a moody, yet beautiful atmosphere with this game. A little dark, slightly gothic, but not morose or scary. When we got the approval to change the original girl, I chose to make the new girl closer to one of the girls by the artist J. W. Waterhouse- but with a darker twist.

2. Did She-Wolf come out like you had envisioned it would?

It actually came out better! It was one of our first live-action games…if not our first. It was also the first time we were integrating 3D assets into a live-action environment.   I was definitely anxious about the results of the new techniques, but with the direction and skill of my teammates we were able to pull it all together. I guess I might have had a little to do with it too.

3. What is the most difficult part when making a game? 

I think the most difficult part from a visual art perspective, is when you know something is not working, but you cannot identify the problem right away. Some games come together with great ease, and others may feel like a struggle. It’s important to have a process in place when you hit those roadblocks, so you can keeping moving forward and not freeze up.

4. What is your favorite game that you have worked on at High 5 Casino?

Cat Gangster is one of my favorites. I got the chance to create a whole world where these characters live in, and I think it is unlike any game we’ve done before. The gameplay and sound package is really great too on that game and I love the way it all came together.  A close second would have to be Sinbad and the Sultan of Fire since we were able to give it a bit of a cinematic experience alongside the casino one.

5. What theme of games do you prefer to create?

I would have to say the fantasy genre, since there are no limits to what you can do visually. Animals are really fun too.

6. If you could be a High 5 Casino character who would you like to be? Why?

Well, Dr. Amante seems to be enjoying himself and he has a good job.

8. Who or What inspired you to become an artist?

This is a typical response from artists, but I have been drawing ever since I can remember. It is as much a compulsion as it is a passion. I cannot imagine my life doing anything else. If I am not drawing or painting after a while I just do not feel right.

9. If you weren’t an artist what other profession would you have chosen?

Honestly, I was always going to do something related to the arts. Even jobs I previously had that weren’t painting or drawing, I was somehow working in the art field. Whether it was doing graphic design, or working in the bookshop of the Frick Art Museum, I have always been in an artistic environment.

9. How long have you been a part of High 5 Games?

3.5 years                                                                                                                                                                                                            10. Which game on High 5 Casino is your favorite?

I really like “Snow Monkeys” for its unique art and animation package.

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14 thoughts on “Employee Spotlight

  1. Would love to hear more from the artists who create the games. It would be great if you could blog about how an idea is formalulated and then how the various pieces of art are created from that idea and put into the game itself. Kiss is one of my top favorites because of the graphics. Ms. Rose is a stunner. Scott you are a bundle of talent and I hope H5C realizes your gift.

  2. This is My first time responding so I will say it was quite nice I read the whole article.
    Kiss of the rose I would take My Hat off if I had one on to You, kiss of the Rose is off the chain, I never thought that one Day I was going to get it to lv 201, and She is My highest paying game thank you, I must say something about My Man Cat Gangster off the Chain, the Music oh My.

  3. Finally an interview with an artist. It’s the one thing that keeps me interested in these games. Great talent Scott, keep up the good work.

  4. I love Snow Monkeys too and Catgangster I love the sound And the bonuses!!!

  5. You are a great artist. Especially like most of all Cat Gangsters. Great success in your future endeavors.

  6. Thank you for an inside insight. I would love to hear from more insiders!

  7. I taught art in middle school most of my career. It was pretty easy to spot the kids with the interest and talent in art. I had students who were so advanced at even that early an age that it was mesmerizing. I had a number of students who came back and thanked me for my support and were busy making a success in their desired choice. It is a crime that art is downplayed in education because of the personal freedom to “create” whether it be in technology or traditional means. It is the one course that teaches its students to “think out of the box:.I am so glad to see the innovations H5C artists come up with and look forward to all the new games and graphics when they are released. Kudos to all the artists and thank you for keeping our interest up.

  8. Bravo à cet employé au génie créatif qui par son talent nous permet de prendre énormément de plaisir à jouer avec vous.

  9. Congrats to this genious employee, great job ! Thanks for the Fun you give to us

  10. I want to say thank you for all the games you have created This is my favorite casino and Kiss of the Rose is one that I play the most Thank you

  11. I really enjoyed hearing about Scott. I get the artist thing as I come from a family orf artists. One of my granddaughters was watching me play high 5 games. I was playing Kiss of the Rose and she said Stop for a minute so I can tell you the story of this game. I wish I could remember the whole story. Just know Scott that you touched the imagination of a young girl.

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