Super Stacks Battle


The game-feature battle is on at High 5 Blog. In today’s edition, we have an intense battle between slots with Super Stacks – a popular feature that can be found in many of our games!

So why is Super Stacks so popular? Our players are fond of the Super Stacks feature not only because of the stunning graphics it brings to our slot games, but it also increases the frequency to land on reels filled with stacks. When you see a full stack of the same symbol land in your slot reel you can sit back and enjoy beautiful animations awarding you huge wins!

The Mighty Atlas – a powerful man who holds up the heavens. Although sometimes he struggles, he never fail. His strength and perseverance has been captured in this top hit Super Stacks game.

Jaguar Princess – She emerges from the darkness to defend her ground in a mysterious and exotic world. Super Stacks creates an environment that is filled with deadly creatures and astounding rewards!

Haunted Hearts – Feel perpetual love in Haunted Heart. How strong are the ties that bind two people together? Super Stacks will allow you to see the invisible power that brings lovers together. We all know, true love never dies.

Which of these Super Stack games is your favorite? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of the blog and let us know! Check out other High 5 Casino Super Stacks games like Dangerous Beauty, Miss Universe Crowning Moment, Purrfect, and She-wolf! Play your favorite one today!

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