Shake the Sky’s October Stats


In October, there was a total of 221,955,576 spins going on at Shake the Sky Casino, which breaks down to roughly 7,159,857 spins per day, 298,327 per hour and 4972 per minute! Wow, now that’s a lot of spins! So… which game do you think received the biggest portion of spins? The hint is in last month’s top 5 most popular games! TA-DA! It’s the colorful, beautiful and glamorous LADY PEACOCK – approximately 50,000 players were spinning the reels in the game! Are you one of those players?

Check out some other cool Shake the Sky Casino stats from October:
Total spins for the month of October: 221,955,576
Number of spins per day: 7,159,857
Total money won: $ 59,382,905,541,330
Top 5 most played games for October:
Lady Peacock, Golden Knight, Dangerous Beauty, Golden Peony, Talon and Dove
Cumulative hours spent playing: 431,845

How many times do you think you spun a day in October? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the blog post to let us know!

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