Shake the Sky’s January Stats


The first data of 2016 is in! In January alone, players won 56 quadrillion dollars in STS coins, or more than 128 trillion coins every day! It seems that the colorful creatures in Lady Peacock are really irresistible to our players, and the game has owned the crown of the most played game in Shake the Sky since its release!

Check out more January stats below:
Total spins for the month of January: 192,234,733
Number of spins per day: 6,407,824
Total money won: $46,738,074,531,580
Cumulative hours spent playing: 360,752
Top 5 most played games: Lady Peacock, Golden Knight, Dangerous Beauty, Happy Two-gether and Jaguar Princess

What was your favorite game in January? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the blog post and let us know!

5 thoughts on “Shake the Sky’s January Stats

  1. For some reason Varsity Gold would not pay on winning lines. Love High Five Casino and will try the game again tomorrow.

  2. OMG!!! Its hard to decide which one I like the most….. Well lets just say I like them all,,,,,,i really like High5Casino,,I play it all the time,,, I like 3 reel slots, the best ones I like are Mr, Money Bags and Lucky Duck.. I haven’t seen them the online slot games, only in casinos., would be awesome if you guys could get them!!!!

  3. I was wondering when we will ever see new games on STS. Get a lot on High 5, but nothing here.

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