Game Preview: Tango of the Heart


Free your mind and join one of the most vibrant, playful and fascinating of all dances in High 5 Casino’s upcoming release – Tango of the Heart.

The Argentine tango is a sultry, sensual dance of passion. When performed, it transports the dancer to a world where nothing and no one exists beyond their partner. Now it’s your turn to get caught up in the rhythm and be swept off your feet. Prepare to fall in love with this alluring dance in Tango of the Heart – a 3 by 5 reels slot that features Tango Respins and Free Games with Locking Wilds.

Watch the YouTube video below and prepare to win big while dancing your way to a major pay day in Tango of the Heart tomorrow.

What do you think of Tango of the Heart? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the blog post and let us know.

8 thoughts on “Game Preview: Tango of the Heart

  1. Hi Georgina, we’re sorry you’re having loading issues. If you’re having trouble on your computer please try clearing your browser’s cache by holding down CTRL, SHIFT, DELETE on your keyboard and choosing to clear the cache and cookies and restart your browser. If you’re having trouble on your iPhone or iPad, press the home button twice quickly and then swipe up to close the apps you have open. If you’re having trouble on your Android phone or tablet, please visit this website for further instructions: hope this helps!

  2. o.k. I could like this game, however, I am thoroughly frustrated with how difficult it is to get 3 roses. I have tried small bets, medium bets and large bets and have sacrificed about 500,000 points and only got it once.

  3. I love the Latin tango, can not wait until I can spin my way through this game. I love the way the wilds pop up and the free spins within the game. Looks like you have out done yourself again H5C

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