Super Symbols Battle


In today’s edition of game-feature battle, we ask our players to vote for their favorite game with Super Symbols, a feature that leads to bigger and more beautiful wins!

In a Super Symbols game, the reel strips have large, over-sized versions of some of that game’s highest-paying symbols. If they land, they contribute to your win as if they were made of a grid of normal-sized symbols – there are 2 x 2, 3 x 3, even massive 4 x 4 Super Symbols in some games! That leads to huge wins, and they pay even if they don’t fully land on the screen, just so long as they form part of a winning combination.

Check out these three games with Super Symbols feature:

Circus Treasure – The circus is back in town, and it’s better than ever! With the Super Symbols features, you can win big while seeing your old favorites, like the beautiful fire breather, the imposing strong man, the wild human cannonball, and the daring tightrope walker, on your slot reels!

Double Feature – Pull up and settle in for a wonderful night of movies in Double Feature! We’ve prepared some snacks for you – hot dogs, candy, and popcorn. Now all you need to do is pick a film for the night and let Super Symbols create you awe-inspiring wins!

Empress of the Nile – Enter the world of Cleopatra and witness the ancient riches, immense power and timeless beauty in Empress of the Nile. Super Symbols draw you into an ancient world flushing with gold, jewels, and a plethora of Egyptian riches!

What is your favorite Super Symbols game? Comment in the conversation bubble on the top right of the blog and let us know. Also, make sure to try some Super Symbols games including Ocean’s Glory, Stella Drive and the Orb of Chance, and The Palladium!

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