March Tournaments Showdown


Ever since the launch of H5C Tournaments last spring, our players have been having loads of fun playing some slot game favorites in a more competitive way. To make this March even more exciting for our tournament fans, we launched some extra tournament fun for our players to enjoy – H5C’s March Tournaments Showdown! The rules are easy and simple – play and win in popular tournament(s) in the Tournament Section and enjoy the chance to earn some extra coin prizes at the end of every round. The most popular tournaments, meaning winning tournaments, each week will progress to the following week’s lineup. Every Tuesday, we announce the winning tournament that makes it to the next week, and give extra coins to our players who’ve won in the most popular tournaments.

Here is the schedule and details about H5C’s March Tournaments Showdown:

For the first and second week, we will have 12 different games each week in the following five categories:
Hi-Lo: How extreme is your luck? Put it to the test in this tournament where only the highest and lowest ranking players win.
50/50: Take your chances in this tournament of luck! 50 players enter, but only 10 leave victorious!
Cash Blast: Blast your way to the top to claim the cash! Only the top five competitors win in this tough but lucrative tournament!
Prize Party: Join the party and maximize your chances at a prize! One out of every four players will win!
Colossal Cash: Climb to the top of the leaderboard in this massive 500 player tournament. Prizes await the top 100 players!

For the third week, the progressed games in the same tournament types, mentioned above, will complete against each other for seats as the top six most popular tournaments.

For the fourth week, the winning games in each category move on to the final round and fight for the crown of the most popular game of March Tournaments Showdown.

Visit the High 5 Casino fan page to find out which games are competing each week and who has moved on. See if your favorite tournament makes the cut!

Can you guess which one will be the champ of March Tournaments Showdown? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the blog post and let us know!

2 thoughts on “March Tournaments Showdown

  1. Hi Jude, we’re sorry this happened to you. Please contact our support team for assistance via the High 5 Help Center. It can be found in the ‘Settings’ menu at the top right hand corner of the casino and then choosing ‘Help’. You can simply click on the ‘Submit A Request’ button at the top right hand corner of High 5 Help Center. Fill out the form and a customer care representative will email you as soon as possible.

  2. March 30,at 5;58 a.m. playing” kings of Gibralter I won 63000 points,BUT the win dial registered But not the credits..what do I do?

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