Shake the Sky February Stats


The reels of Shake the Sky were spun approximately 172 million times in February – that’s 5.7 million a day and 237 thousand an hour. Over 47 quadrillion STS coins were won at Shake the Sky in February – that’s 1.6 quadrillion every day and 26 trillion an hour. With these numbers, our players win 100K coins on average on every spin! Isn’t that incredible?

Check out some staggering stats from February:
Total spins for the month of February: 172,757,302
Number of spins per day: 5,758,576
Total money won: 47,504,409,081,140
Cumulative hours spent playing: 316,444
Top 5 most played games for February: Lady Peacock,Golden Knight,Golden Peony , Eternal Throne, Way of The Blade

What was your biggest jackpot last month? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the blog post and let us know!

1 thought on “Shake the Sky February Stats

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