Mystery Bucks Battle


Mystery Bucks Battle is here at High 5 Blog today! Like the feature name itself, games with Mystery Bucks are usually full of mysterious surprises and wins which make the games even more exciting. Now help us decide the winner of today’s Mystery Bucks Battle among these three popular High 5 Casino games: The Big Chase, Tall, Rich and Handsome, and Perfect Gentleman!

The Big Chase
When a briefcase of jewels goes missing under highly suspicious circumstances, a private detective is called in to solve the case. Will he catch the criminals before it’s too late, or will they slip off into the mysterious night?

Tall, Rich and Handsome
One lucky lady has quite the opportunity in Tall, Rich and Handsome. Selected for a popular dating show, she must choose between a pilot, a doctor, an architect, and a rock star all vying for her attention! Her decision becomes more and more difficult as each man pulls out all the stops to win her heart. Who will she choose?

Perfect Gentleman
In order to find her prince, she first had to kiss a bunch of frogs. She went on bad date after bad date, and just as she was about to lose hope, she met someone she liked. Then she met three more someones she liked in quick succession. Her love life has gone from impoverished to embarrassingly rich, but now she must choose.

Mystery bucks are usually being featured in the Tumbling Reels games. When Mystery Bucks are active, each symbol that explodes as part of the Tumbling Reels feature has a chance to reveal an additional credit value, the sum of which is put directly into players’ pockets! This makes for extremely exciting gameplay, because players have two features working in tandem that can lead to multiple hits per spin.

Don’t forget to comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of the blog and let us know which Mystery Bucks game is your favorite.

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