Split Symbols Battle


A new round of H5C’s Feature Battle is about to begin at High 5 Blog. Today, we pick three of our games that feature Split Symbols to battle it out: Golden Odyssey, Crystal Kingdom, and Madame Monarch.

Crystal Kingdom
Let your imagination run wild, because you’ve never seen a place quite like this. Thousands of miles away, tucked into a mysterious and intriguing landscape, a young queen resides in her radiant empire. Outside the crystal walls of her castle, bears and wolves protect the realm. Crystal Kingdom is the first game to offer both Tumbling Reels and Split Symbols at the same time and it also features Stacked Wilds.

Golden Odyssey
Experience this epic tale of loyalty and temptation in the wake of the Trojan War. Greek heroes, the gods of Mount Olympus, and the mythological Cyclops await you in this Mediterranean adventure. Do you have the strength to complete your journey home, or will you be seduced ashore by the Sirens and their lovely songs? Come aboard the ship and find out. Split Symbols guaranteed this majestic journey to be golden!

Madame Monarch
Monarch butterflies seem almost too beautiful to exist. The intricate patterns that decorate their delicate wings bring joy to anyone lucky enough to encounter one of these wanderers. Travel to a magical land where all types of creatures – from the tiny, miraculous butterfly to the gargantuan elephant – live peacefully under the affectionate watch of one woman. All of nature loves Madame Monarch. Split Symbols create more frequent wins!

Split Symbols is among one of the most popular features as it allows you to hit twice as big compared to a regular game! It gives players the chance to get up to 10 symbols (as opposed to five) on any given line, because any symbol can become two.

Don’t forget to comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of the blog and let us know which Split Symbols game is your favorite.

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