Shake The Sky April Stats


May is here and that means we have April statistics ready for you. The reels at Shake the Sky were spun approximately 5 million times a day! How many spins do you think you contributed at STS last month? Which game did you spin the most? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the blog and let us know!

Check out some cool stats below:

Total spins for the month of April: 157,031,349

Number of spins per day: 5,234,378

Total money won: $47,679,010,868,505

Total money bet: $49,508,309,276,970

Cumulative hours spent playing: 289,752

Top 5 most played games for April:
1. Lady Peacock
2. Golden Knight
3. Dragon’s Blessing
4. Dragons Of Avalon
5. Dangerous Beauty

1 thought on “Shake The Sky April Stats

  1. I think we need some new games on Shake the Sky. I stopped playing as much because I am tired of the same games. I love High 5 because there are always a new game.

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