Happy Memorial Day


Happy Memorial Day! While we take some time to thank all the men and women who have served in the US Armed Forces, we decided to gather a selection of games for our players to have some fun today. Whether they’re beautiful ladies, charming fighter pilots, or soaring eagles, you can find them all at High 5 Casino.

Bombshell Beauties: 4 x 5 reels, 50 paylines!
These lovely ladies put the bomb in bombshell! Their explosive good looks are enough to trigger good luck and big wins on the reels. Have a blast playing this exciting slot game about bomber girls and the pin ups who inspired them! Score major jackpots with a bang with the help of Super Stacks!

Charming Ace: 4 by 6 reels, 50 paylines!
A devilishly handsome, highly decorated fighter pilot has no time for love. There’s work to be done and riches to be won. The war is far from over and this man is on a mission. Are you in? In this latest release of High 5 Casino, you can win up to 16 free spins in the bonus round.

Soaring Wings: 3 by 5 reels, 15 and 30 paylines!
Discover your prey. Swoop in for the kill. Savor your Reward. With a hefty top bonus of 10,000 credits for 5-of-a-kind wilds, you too can feel like you’re flying high in Soaring Wings. This game also features Split Symbols, which gives players the chance to get up to 10 symbols on any given line because any one spot can contain two symbols.

What is your go to game today? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner and let us know.

2 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day

  1. Hey great news for me, Hi5casino in surely my favorite, while playing this morning i WON 1,300,000 SOMETHING IN ONE SPIN.

  2. The girl’s are here!!!!! Relax while we give you a show of son & dance & Thank You all for protecting us !!!!! We are The Boomshell Beauties & here goes boy’s Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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