Be On The Look Out!


We, at High 5 Games, want to create the ultimate fun gaming experience for our players! That’s why we continue adding new and fun features based on our player’s feedbacks and insights.

When fun is being had, especially when it’s free, it becomes irresistible. To maximize the fun, we are constantly looking for ways to develop new features while increasing free rewards for our players. Very recently, we launched the gifting feature which allows our players to receive more coin gifts from their friends daily. Even better, the “Thank You Bonus” allows our players to receive extra coins whenever a sent gift has been claimed . We also launched Quests with coin rewards as you level up and free tournaments for players to receive extra coins. All you need to do to have fun at High 5 Casino is to spin with free coins! That sounds FUNtastic to us!

Now, it’s time for something new! Our game developers are working on something big debuting soon to High 5 Casino! With this mysterious feature, your chance of winning big at High 5 Casino will be rapidly increased! Are you as excited as we are?

What do you think will be the next big announcement on High 5 Casino? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of this blog and let us know.


33 thoughts on “Be On The Look Out!

  1. Hey Gerald, we’re sorry this happened to you. Please contact our support team for assistance via the High 5 Help Center. It can be found in the ‘Settings’ menu at the top right hand corner of the casino and then choosing ‘Help’. You can simply click on the ‘Submit A Request’ button at the top right hand corner of High 5 Help Center. Fill out the form and a customer care representative will email you as soon as possible.

  2. H5C gifting is still not working properly. My friends can send me gifts of which I can accept. However, I cannot send gifts to these same friends as they do not appear in my friends listing. They use to, but not for the past month. Several emails on this topic has not produced a resolution. All I get is we will pass the issue on. Why can they not fix the listing of friends in the gifting program?

  3. you have updated the home screen but all it does is spin 😦 It wasn’t broke to begin with, leave well enough alone.

  4. am excited to get more coins…very hard to play when broke…save all week for the new Quest….thank you

  5. It would be nice to get more coins….love to play,but with very little, it is hard to play. I have to save all week to play the new request and that is gone in no time too. looking forward to the new rules…

  6. I hope you’ll get triple play poker one of these days. Also, if you could reward for higher levels that would be fun. The way it is now we are only rewarded for levels up to 100 every four hours. Thanks for keeping it just like a real casino! 🙂

  7. Can’t wait, High 5 is my favorite game and am very excited to see new things.

  8. Level added at 150 for leveling up. 100 to 201 is just to hard to get

  9. I love the tumbling reels and all the hoopla that goes with them. I LOVE Davinci Ways, Rembrant Richs, ALL the tumbling reels.

  10. What ever the surprise will be. I am going to enjoy it lol. Your game developers never cease to amaze me. The graphics, the sound and storylines are awesome. Thanks in advance for the surprise. 🙂

  11. I really don’t know what the next thing will be but I know that it will be great and I love all of the games and play every day. Thank you for the coins.

  12. I think High Five is going to surprise us with faster time for moving up in statis! Looking forward to all and any surprise?

  13. Hope it is an automatic spin button for all the free spins for leveling. or a one shot for over 10 spins.

  14. Hope it’s the fact that you can hit bonus’s more often and they actually pay good!!

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