4th Anniversary Birthday Bash


September is a very special month for High 5 Casino and this year we celebrated bigger than ever with our 4th Anniversary Birthday Bash! We turn four today, September 10th, and this year we’re celebrating with 4 days of spectacular promotions!

Let’s look back at some special High 5 Casino moments in 2016:

In April, High 5 Casino launched a highly anticipated Gifting feature. Players now have the ability to send/receive 5 coin gifts to/from their friends each day! And whenever friends claim a gift that you sent them, you receive a “Thank you Bonus”!

Daily Wheel!
In July, High 5 Casino launched the Daily Bonus Wheel. With the Daily Wheel, players have another way to test their luck, by spinning a wheel filled with free coins at High 5 Casino! The power is in the players’ hands so, along with the coins won on the Daily Wheel, they can also enjoy a Return Bonus and Friend Bonus which boosts their winnings!

This summer High 5 Casino also launched a Jackpot feature open to all players. A minimum bet of 10,000 coins grants players the opportunity to win one of the three Jackpot Tiers – Minor, Major and Grand! To win a Jackpot, all players need to do is land on three or more Jackpot symbols in that jackpot game. Debuting Jackpot games Golden Knight, Valkyrie Queens and Gypsy were joined by The Vanishing Act, Cat Gangster, Tales of Hercules and Thundering Buffalo which was added during our 4th Anniversary Birthday Bash to bring the total of Jackpot games to seven!

VIP Coin Store!
The VIP Coin Store, placed players into one of seven VIP tiers (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond) based on player activity. Each VIP level offers special coin store package options that just keep getting bigger and better. To move up in VIP level, all players have to do is make a purchase(s), come back every day, and send gifts to friends. Stay tuned for more exciting enhancements to the VIP Coin Store!

Fundraising Events!
High 5 Casino and our players love to spread love to those who need it. Check out some past fundraising events we hosted at High 5 Casino:

  • Global Green USA
  • Operation Back Pack

Wish us a “Happy Birthday” in the Comments section located in the conversation bubble on the top right of the blog post!



43 thoughts on “4th Anniversary Birthday Bash

  1. Hello Vickie, The more you play, the more gifts you can give! Just play in any slot or tournament game, and your available gifts to give will go up as you do! You can earn up to 5 gifts a day to send to your friends.

  2. Anyone know what criteria is used to determining how many free gifts we can give. Is it determined by our total bets..out playing time…etc??? Most of the time I can only give 2 or three gifts…not 5!

  3. Hello Gregory, We appreciate you taking the time to reach out and give us your feedback. We value you very much as a player and we will certainly forward your thoughts to our developers. Thank you for playing High 5 Casino!

  4. Hello Linda, Please contact our Support Team via the High 5 Help Center. To get to the Help Center, click on the gear icon (if on a mobile device, click on the 3 line icon) in the top right corner of the casino and then select “Help”. Then, click on “Submit A Request” to contact us. Thank you.

  5. Hello Sybil, we’re sorry you are experiencing some loading issues. Please make sure to clear your browser cache, restart your browser and be sure to have few or no other tabs open besides High 5 Casino. Changing the quality settings should also help; go to the gear icon in the upper right corner and select “Low.” We hope this helps!

  6. Happy Birthday but please fix your load time. It takes “forever” for the game to load. Nothing but a circling “5”. Please come up with a fix.

  7. Hello too whom this may concern, I’m a loyal player of H5C, I would like to receive the Birthday coin prize ,but since I live on west coast and get home from work around 9:00pm the promotion expired by est. time. this is something you should work out so pacific time loyal H5C players can receive your future promotions. thank you Gregory W. Grant

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