Game Preview: Flower Bride


In the kingdom of the enchanted Flower Bride, eternal love blossoms with the arrival of spring! High 5 Casino’s next release our 177th game arrives soon!

Deep in the forest, an enchanted kingdom waits for its queen. Winter has been long and restless, but the ethereal flower bride vowed to return with the new beginnings of spring. As the frost begins to subside and warmth starts to trickle in, everyone eagerly awaits the matrimony of their beloved prince and his angelic bride. The Flower Bride. 4 x 5 reels. 1024 ways to win. Free Games with Collection Awards.

Check the YouTube video below and get ready to set sail on your High 5 Casino reels.

Are you ready to fall in love with the Flower Bride? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the corner and let us know. Check back tomorrow to play!”

13 thoughts on “Game Preview: Flower Bride

  1. Hello Muriel, we apologize for the confusion. Flower Bride was not released with a quest attached to it. However we do have a bunch of ongoing quests happening! Make sure to check your Quest page to see your progress and see which Quest you might want to play again and get coin rewards as you level up!

  2. where are our quest chipss for level reaching??? nothing and i would like xtra chips, incentive to keep playing.

  3. jeu sans aucun intérêt un petit plus pour la beauté des figures, sinon, jeux gratuit inexistant, gagne petit, trop de figure dans le jeux, vraiment pas intéressant, c’est un jeu pour perdre tous vos crédits qui ne sont, cela dit, de plus en plus petit depuis la nouvelle roue, depuis qu’elle existe, une fois le 50000 crédits et depuis pas plus haut que 20000 ou 30000 dure

  4. Hope i win with this NEW game, i have done nothing but lose in every possible way I had 94 k, and lost the whole amount in less than 5 min. Every game was a loss. not thrilled.

  5. Great company and great games. My favorite ever of all games and apps available. I don’t play anything else now.

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