H5C October Stats!

h5c_top5_oct_wallpost_v2Happy November High 5-ers! Apple and pumpkin picking has come to an end, Halloween costumes have been packed away and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. October is a month full of fun outdoor activities and High-5ers made sure to show the High 5 Casino slots some love while raking in some HUGE wins!

According to the October stats, there were over 2.5 billion spins generated! Did you know that this means there were more spins for the month of October, than there are active social network users worldwide? Amazing right!

Check out some other remarkable October stats from High 5 Casino:
Total October Spins: 2,870,222,809
Spins per Day: 95,674,093
Total Money Won: 20,453,542,738,654
Cumulative hours spent: 4,571,191
Top 5 most played games: The Flower Bride, Sailing the 7 Skies, Maggie and the Martians, Rockabilly Babe and Triple Hoot.

Which  game did you spin the most in October? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the blog post to let us know!

9 thoughts on “H5C October Stats!

  1. I like playing all the games, but you can’t win very much just playing on the credits they give every 4 hrs. Yes I have a few times bought credits before only to lose them real fast so that you will want to buy more. I won’t buy their credits anymore and that is probably why I can’t seem to win very much anymore, got tired of wasting good money. I have been playing these games for quite a long time. About a year or so ago I had over 54 million credits and within a month of playing the games that I liked and playing the new games that came up. I lost all of the 54 mil. because the games have gotten harder to win on and have just barely gotten back to about 2 or 3 million a few month’s ago and now it has disappeared. I am at level 204, but once you get to level 100 or more it gets harder to win it seems. P.S. I have over 325 million credits on Shake The Sky because it gives you more credits every 4 hrs to play on. The games are High Limit but it pays better.

  2. Can’t remember which one I played most but did play a few although there are a couple in my don’t play again file

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