Congratulations to the winners of H5C’s Holiday Traditions Contest!

h5c_contest_holiday_winners_wallpost_v2Drumroll please! The winners’ list for H5C’s Holiday Tradition Contest is here! On December 2nd, we invited our High 5 Casino players to submit a contest entry telling us about a favorite holiday tradition and why it is so important to them. We received thousands of submissions with wonderful unique holiday traditions that sure put us into the holiday spirit! While we can’t share them all with you here, enjoy a few great ones below:

Nancy P. – North Tonawanda, New York USA
During the month of December, my children and I get together at my house and must make our homemade cutout cookies. We must make at least 500 cookies and then for a few days sit and decorate each one. We always must give the family members a container of these cookies which they know were made with love. While we are together doing these cookies, we have the special time talking about the past xmas’s with the funniest stories ever. This is truly a must each year to continue the holiday feeling.

Cherie B. – Oswestry, Shrewsbury United Kingdom
Every year since my first daughter was born my husband has taken her to buy stocking fillers for me. Once they were bought I would join them for lunch and a drink this is a day that we all love and it has become our tradition.

Erminia J. – Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Every year, we would invite over thirty relatives for Christmas dinner in our small apartment. It may have been super cozy but it sure was fun! The cooks would bring in their signature dishes and I would do my annual thing. What was my annual thing? Wreck something! Burn the mashed potatoes, over salt the salads, forget a layer for the lasagna, get a big boned turkey with little meat or not enough drinks. My annual thing also had a name. Erminia’s Annual Freakout Stressout! Breathe-it’s ok.

Mario V. – El Cajon, California USA
Well to start this holiday tradition we like to go hand cut a Christmas tree, me my wife and now my son. We started this tradition with my parents a few years back but since our son was born it’s been way more interesting and exciting for us, he loves to be outside so it works out perfectly. Anyways, when it comes down to picking the perfect tree my wife has to inspect it to make sure it’s perfect, of course, then we take a picture by it and I begin the cutting. I will keep this tradition going forever!

Marvin T. – Granite Falls, Minnesota USA
We would always decorate our Christmas tree on Christmas eve, listening to music, snacking on treats and playing a few board games. Then we would all camp in the living room sleeping around the tree. Waking up the next morning to find presents piled high under the tree. (Sometime during the night our parents made the miracle happen). A tradition that I have held over the years and one my children have adopted. A Christmas miracle…

Make sure to check if you are one of the 200 lucky winners today in the list below! All winners will receive 200K coins and an exclusive 2017 High 5 Casino Calendar that will arrive within 2-4 weeks! Congratulations to you all!


Charlotte A – Alabaster, AL
Jane A – Flushing, NY
Diane A – Bradenton, FL
John A – Hazlet Twp, NJ
Yolanda A – Chihuahua, Mexico
Fatimah B – Chicago, IL
Sherry B – Indianapolis, IN
Amy B – Glencoe, OK
Trevor B – Hamden, CT
Cherie B – Oswestry, UK
Yolanda B – Tacoma, WA
Debra B – Aberdeen, WA
Sandi B – Fort Davis, TX
Adriane B – Pittsburgh, PA
Deborah B – New Britain, CT
Sharon B – Estevan, Canada
Alice B – Washingtonville, NY
Nancy B – Tacoma, WA
Linda B – Bremerton, WA
Mary B – Mabelvale, AR
Anita B – St Louis, MO
Judy B – Royal Oak, MI
Robin B – Mount Vernon, WA
Elizabeth B – Chicago, IL
Carol B – Clearwater, FL
Angel B – Apalachicola, FL
Shadrick B – Ackerman, MI
Melis Aldridge  B – Tucson, AZ
Loretta B – Miami, FL
Marie B – St Clair Shores, MI
Linda C – Yuma, AZ
Debbie C – Mount Gilead, OH
Bernie C – Vail, AZ
Cynthia C – Pittsburg, CA
Diane C – Dixfield, ME
Charlotte C – Roseburg, OR
Sarah C – Newburgh, NY
Lourdes C – Chula Vista, CA
Lee C – Greensboro, NC
Lynda C – Smiths Falls, Canada
Larry C – Konawa, OK
Alison C – Boyertown , PA
Ben C – Phoenix, AZ
Jennie C – Fresno, CA
Bridget C – Memphis, TN
Casey C – Slidell, LA
Patsy C – Dennison, OH
Ruth C – Washougal, WA
Betty C – Blackwell, OK
Tamera D – Port Charlotte, FL
LaDonna D – Maplewood, MO
Bob D – Newark, NY
Lydia D – Fontana, CA
Linda D – St Augustine, FL
Denise-Jean D – Las Vegas, NV
Patricia D – Lanham, MD
Sylvia D – Lincoln, Canada
Monica D – Chicago, IL
John E – Myrtle Beach, SC
Pat E – Toledo, OH
Yolanda E – Titusville, FL
Cheryl E – Glendale, AZ
Deberah F – Aberdeen, WA
James F – Altoona, PA
Rosann F – Fairless Hills, PA
Pat F – Newville, AL
Diane F – Morenci, MI
Harley F – Austin, TX
Richard F – Okanogan, WA
Del F – High Point, NC
Sadie F – Horn Lake, MS
Craig F – Susanville, CA
Norma F – Simi Valley, CA
Tami F – Kent, WA
Darla G – Antonio, CO
Margaret G – Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Maureen G – Escondido, CA
Linda G – Oak Harbor, WA
Judi G – Jerome, ID
Marie G – Nolanville, TX
Marimar G – Corpus Christi , TX
Adrian H – Randolph, NY
Cheryl H – Otis, OR
Pat H – Dover, DE
Karen H – Fenton, MI
Christina H – Cleveland , TX
Alice H – Eastaboga , AL
Belinda H – Virginia Beach , VA
Sherry H – Farmington Hills, MI
Denise H – Erie, PA
Patty H – Hillsboro, OR
Carol H – Houston, TX
Diana H – Bloomington, MN
Clyde H – Milwaukee, WI
Angie I – Cleburne, TX
Erminia J – Ottawa, Canada
Laurie J – Mt. Pleasant, MI
Terri J – Tacoma , WA
Dorann K – Robinson, TX
Laura K – Centennial, CO
Monique L – Barriere, Canada
Debra L – River Ridge, LA
Noelle L – East Brunswick, NJ
Tom L – Newmanstown, , PA
Lindy L – Haven, KS
Melody L – Woodward, OK
Glenda L – Vancouver, WA
Cheryl L – Keosauqua, IA
Melissa L – Coatesville, PA
Cathy L – Carbondale, PA
Lakhmatie L – Bbronx, NY
William L – Phoenix, AZ
Kathleen M – Santa Clarita, CA
Brenda M – Fort Worth, TX
Nancy M – Shinglehuse, PA
Suzana M – Rio De Janeiro, AA
Juanita M – Carson City, NV
Donald M – Crestwood, KY
Loraine M – Tacoma, WA
Mary M – Albuquerque, NM
Diane M – Carneys Point, NJ
Martha M – Tampa, FL
Susan M – Macedon , NY
Stacey M – Lodi, CA
Mary M – Wyandotte, OK
Paula M – Greenbrier , TN
Judith M – Moody, AL
Judy M – Ponte Vedra, FL
Barbara M – Franklin, MA
Cindy M – Aurora, CO
Elena  N – Mexico City, D.F.
Tambrlyn N – Citrus Heights, CA
Fran N – Lake Havasu City, AZ
Cyndy P – Baldwinsville , NY
Michèle P – Lyon, France
Gloria P – Leavittsburg, OH
Cathaleen P – Caldwell, TX
Janice P – Petersburg , AK
Shirley P – Whitesboro, TX
Edie P – Porterville, CA
Brenda P – Shelby, NC
Martha P – Lake Charles, LA
Bekki P – Austin, IN
Mary P – Grants Pass, OR
Judy P – Grove, OK
Nancy P – North Tonawanda, NY
Madelon P – Marietta, PA
Cheri R – Devine, TX
Guin R – New Carrollton, MD
Maura R – Anahiem Hills, CA
Miriam R – St. Petersburg , FL
Jeanie R – Cincinnati, OH
Claire R – Fall River, MA
Mary R – Red Oak, TX
Kelly R – Grand Rapids, MN
Jayne R – Elgin, IL
Barbara R – Crossville, TN
Marjorie R – Springfield, MA
Sue R – Port Orchard, WA
Judy S – Saint  Charles, IL
Kyrie S – El Cajon, CA
Cheryl S – Hebron, MD
Bill S – Tallahassee, FL
Pamela S – Hemet, CA
Yvonne Michaud S – Festus, MO
Cj S – Granbury, TX
Wanda S – Dumfries, VA
Denice S – Boise, ID
Robert S – Loami, IL
Sally S – Strongsville, OH
Ron S – Houston, TX
Della S – Somerset, PA
Cheryl S – Centralia, IL
Gaye S – Hermitage, PA
Astrid S – Minneapolis, MN
Rosetta S – Curtis, MI
Sammie S – Atlanta, GA
Kathy S – Bakersfield , CA
Melissa S – Essexville, MI
Kathleen S – Philadelphia, PA
Sue S – Belfair, WA
Tillie S – Baltimore, MD
Tina S – Independence, KS
Marvin T – Granite Falls, MN
Becky T – Cambridge, OH
Mary T – Coleman, MI
Mario V – Shelton , WA
Denise W – Lupton, MI
Chris W – Oklahoma City, OK
Ruth W – Derby, KS
Mary W – Vienna, MO
Mary Rose W – Okmulgee, OK
Jack W – Oklahoma City, OK
Corky W – The Dalles, OR
June W – Santa Clarita, CA
Wendy W – Beacon, NY
Peggy W – Portage, MI
Donna W – Waterford, MI
Chris Z – Salt Lake City, UT
Debby  Z – Cincinnati , OH

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