Game Preview: The Vagabond Heart!

h5c_vagabondheart_blogRelive the heartening famous story of The Hunchback of Notre Dame in The Vagabond Heart, High 5 Casino’s next release, our 188th game arriving soon!

Relive the heartening famous story of The Hunchback of Notre Dame starring Quasimodo and Esmeralda. Journey back to medieval Paris alongside our beloved characters including the cathedral’s unforgettable gargoyles. Let Quasimodo’s heart of gold lead you to hidden riches in the Bell Tower Bonus and Esmeralda’s gypsy luck will bring you all the fortune your heart desires. Be true to your heart and wins will follow in The Vagabond Heart! 3 by 5 reels. 243 ways to win. Capture Activated Respin and the Bell Tower Bonus.

Check the YouTube video below and get ready to follow your heart on High 5 Casino in The Vagabond Heart!

Are you ready to journey back to medieval Paris? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of your screen and let us know!

10 thoughts on “Game Preview: The Vagabond Heart!

  1. I’ve been playing for four years it’s only getting better thank you for the new games…

  2. Hi Kathy, The Vagabond Heart was released as a Sneak Peak Challenge where players had to reach Player Level 150 by March 2nd at 4am EST. You do have the option to unlock it from winning an unlock in your lobby slot. Once you unlock The Vagabond Heart, your progress will pick up where you left off.

  3. Vagabond Heart was unlocked I was playing this game,but now it is locked? What happen,was there a certain level required to keep it unlocked.

  4. Hey Marie, please contact the Support Team via the High 5 Help Center for assistance. It can be found by clicking on the gear shaped symbol leading you to the ‘Settings’ menu at the top right hand corner of the casino and then choose ‘Help’. You can contact our Support Team for assistance there by simply clicking on the ‘Submit A Request’ button at the top right hand corner of High 5 Help Center. Fill out the form and a customer care representative will email you as soon as possible.

  5. I am confused as to the rules. I have noticed on the respins that not all 1-2-or 5 respins are credited. Example: got first 5 respins, after several spins 3 are remaining, then got another 5 which should have made the total of respins remaining as 8. It shows 5 credits on the reel but is not added to my 3 remaining spins. Why? This happens most often on the 2 and 5 respins.

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