Game Preview: Tribute of the Gods

Unite with the almighty deities of Mount Olympus in Tribute of the Gods! High 5 Casino’s 196th game arrives soon!

Embark on a journey through Greek mythology with the most powerful and immortal Greek gods in ancient history. Once upon a time, the gods gave mortals many gifts of wealth. Now you can discover which Olympian deity will bring you the most luck and fortune. Be led by gratitude and honor and the gods will reward your tribute with glorious wins. Have no fear, the almighty gods are here! Tribute of the Gods. 3 by 5 reels. 60 paylines. Double Capture and Activated Scatter Pay.

Check the YouTube video below and get ready to embark on a glorious odyssey in your High 5 Casino Reels!

Are you ready to discover which Olympian deity will bring you the most luck and fortune in Tribute of the Gods? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of your screen and let us know!

4 thoughts on “Game Preview: Tribute of the Gods

  1. Hey Dave, Tribute of the Gods was released as a Sneak Peek Challenge. This game had to reach Game Level 150 by 4/27 at 4am EST in order for it to be kept unlocked in your lobby.You do have the option to unlock it from winning an unlock in your lobby slot. Once you unlock Tribute of the Gods, your progress will pick up where you left off.

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