Serengeti Nights

Score wild wins among the wildlife! High 5 Casino‘s 202nd game Serengeti Nights!

Head to the endless plains of the Serengeti, where you’ll encounter a wonderful diversity of wildlife. The latest slot from High 5 Games takes you on a journey around the beautiful African wilderness filled with wildebeests, zebras, elephants, and lions. You’ll never want to leave thanks to wild jackpots from 576 ways to win and Bonus Select!

Serengeti Nights. Wild wins and wildlife! 3-4-4-4-3 reel matrix. 576 ways to win. Special Features: Bonus Select.

Check the YouTube video below and head to  High 5 Casino to experience the African wilderness!

Are you ready to score wild wins? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of your screen and let us know!

2 thoughts on “Serengeti Nights

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  2. The games are taking for ever to load , on my computer , and on my phone…If they load at all… Is this a problem with high five or my phone/computer?

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