H5C’s Summer Vacation Contest Winners!

This year, to celebrate summer, we invited High-5ers’ around the world to enter H5C’s Summer Vacation Contest!

Starting on July 17th, we invited players to fill in the following sentence “If I could vacation in a High 5 Casino slot game, I would travel to ______________ because________________.”

We enjoyed sorting through the thousands of entries and reading all about which H5C Slot you would like to travel to on vacation and why! Although we cannot share each entry, we wanted to share some with you from your fellow High 5-ers:

Susan K.- Monroe, MI
If I could vacation in a High 5 Casino slot game, I would travel to Princess Paradise because I feel like a princess when I travel to Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

Rebecca Y.- Blue Springs, MO
If I could vacation in a High 5 Casino slot game, I would travel to Black Sail Beauties because being a female pirate has always been a fantasy of mine. I would sail to all the other games and play them all.

Georgia V.- Corfu, Greece
If i could vacation in a High 5 slot game i would travel to CIAO ROMA because Italy is fantastic place to be.

Mert Z.- Izmir, Turkey
If I could vacation in a High 5 Casino slot game, I would travel to Las Vegas because I want to see real casinos!

Make sure to check if you are one of the 125 lucky winners today in the list below! All winners have received 200k Free High 5 Casino coins, which can be redeemed in their casino lobby! Congratulations to you all!

Adriana M. – Caba, Argentina
Adrienne C. – Ontario, Canada
Alain N. – Alps, France
Alicia B. – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Amy S. – Marinette, WI
Ana Maria T. – Quezon City, Philippines
Ana Paula Ferro F. – Sines, Portugal
Anna C. – Waco, TX
Annette C. – Manitoba, Canada
Arlene W. – British Columbia, Canada
Barry W. – Las Vegas, NV
Bess B. – Oak Park, MI
Betti L. – Centennial , CO
Betty H. – Raytown, MO
Biagio M. – Torino, Italy
Bill K. – Franklin Square, NY
Blanca Irma B. – San Fernando de Chile, Chile
Carlos Alberto C. – Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Cat W. – St. Paul, MN
Cathy L. – Carbondale, PA
Cathy A. – Timber Lake, SD
Charlene C. – Henrico, VA
Cheryl T. – Vienna , Austria
Cindy Q. – Alberta, Canada
Craig S. – N. Massapequa, NY
Danny O. – Dearborn Hts, MI
David F. – Randburg, South Africa
dean O. – Waratah, Australia
Debbie C. – Ontario, Canada
Deyanira D. – Cabimas, Venezuela
Diane P. – South Bend , IN
Douglas M. – Crestline, CA
Edgar Paulo W. – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Evelyn K. – Ontario, Canada
Fabiana G. – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fabienne G. – Jura, France
Faye L. – Merrit tIsland , FL
Felia G. – Hermosillo, Mexico
Florencia R. – Montevideo, Uruguay
Francisco G. РṢo Paulo, Brazil
Fredrik S. – Idiotien, Sweden
Gail D H. – Pelican Rapids, MN
Georgia V. – Corfu, Greece
Gina M. – Quebec, Canada
Gloria E. – Pretoria, South Africa
Guillermo S. – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Harley F. – Austin, TX
Hasan H. – antalya, Turkey
Higor A. – Zapopan, Mexico
Irene T. – Ontario, Canada
Irving B. – South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Jakub S. – Sieradz, Poland
James P. – Tomah, WI
Jamie M. – Belfast, United Kingdom
Jane Fátima M. – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Jean B. – Quebec, Canada
Jhonny P. – Lima, Peru
Joanna B. – Arnold, PA
Jocelyn L. – Bromont, Canada
John K. – Ontario, Canada
John T. – Bronson, MI
John E. – Myrtle Beach, SC
Jorge V. – Lima, Peru
Jorge Luis M. – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Josiane R. – Normandie , France
Judy M. – Ponte Vedra, FL
Julien R. – Victoria, Australia
Karen S. – Ontario, Canada
Karen G. – Quebec, Canada
Kate B. – Sherwood, OR
Kathleen J. – Winnebago, MN
Kathy K. – Seffner, FL
Katie H. – Pelican Rapids, MN
Leonardo O. – Santa fe, Argentina
Linda L. G. – Welsh, LA
Liza W. – Staffordshire, United Kingdom
Lizzet M. – Chihuahua, Mexico
Lois S. – Hagerstown, MD
Lorene Y. – Shiprock, NM
Lori F. – Fort Lauderdale, FL
Lynda K. – Ontario, Canada
Lynne W. – British Columbia, Canada
Marc L. – Sint-Niklaas , Belgium
Marcella H. – Linares, Chile
Marcelo S. – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Marie D. – Paraparaumu, New Zealand
Marlene D. – Gallup, NM
Mary G. – Montevideo, Uruguay
Mary K. – Louisville , KY
Marzel D. – Memphis, TN
Mert Z. – Izmir, Turkey
Michael B. – Baltimore, MD
Michele D. – Lakewood, CA
miryam C. – Formosa, Argentina
Monica M. – Parma, Italy
Monica R. – Mexico City, Mexico
Muhammad J. – London, United Kingdom
Nancy Thompson C. – Lake Leelanau, MI
Nelson T. – Valparasiso, Chile
Pat R. – Buffalo, NY
Patricia O. – Cumberland, RI
Patricia C. – Hempsted, NY
Polina Y. – Reseda, CA
Ramona H. – Dingman’s Ferry, PA
Rebecca Y. – Blue Springs, MO
Ria G. – George, South Africa
Riki M. – Vereenigin, South Africa
Robin A. – Oroville, CA
Robyn L. – Salt Lake City, UT
Samantha C. – Millington, TN
Sandy W. – Alberta, Canada
Sandy V. – Valparasiso, Chile
Saul D. – Samtamder, Colombia
Scarlet R. – Parma, Italy
Sue T. – Hyndman, PA
Susan K. – Monroe, MI
Susan L. – Caledonia, OH
Susana F. – Sines, Portugal
Susana C. – Maldonado, Uruguay
Suzana M. – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Terry C. – Palm Springs , CA
Theman D. – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Vickie w. – Davis, OK
Wanda W. – Richmond, TX
Yolanda A. – Chihuahua, Mexico

What kind of contest would you like to see at High 5 Casino? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right of the blog post to let us know! Have a beautiful day, High 5-ers!


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