Slot Game Battle: Silver Enchantress VS Morgan Le Faye

While cleaning out your house on a rainy fall day, you discover an ancient book filled with magical spells. Turning to the first page of the book, you read the inscription and find out this book belongs to your family ancestors, who happen to be powerful witches! Intrigued by your magical family background, you want to learn more about the magical arts and perhaps find out if you obtain the power for yourself. Yet, who will teach you these magical arts?

With the help of her snowy white owl, you can follow the chapter about potions, which was written by your great-aunt, the Silver Enchantress. You learn that the best time to conquer a proper magical aura for everlasting riches is to brew this rare and powerful potion during the waxing crescent moon phase. If you follow her instructions, you may just be worthy enough to be invited to her mythical castle located in a wintery land afar.

The other chapter to intrigue you was written by a family member from centuries ago. Morgan Le Faye was one of the most powerful sorceresses of her time. She has always been gifted with unspeakable power and a cunning intelligence that is sure to guide you to your true magical potential. However, one must be careful as for it is said that this particular tutor once practiced the forbidden art. Are you willing to chance the ultimate power knowing there is a possibility you may be lead down a dark and dangerous path?

Who do you choose to follow the directions of magical charms? If you could use a spell for anything, what would the spell be? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of your screen and let us know!

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