Slot Game Battle: Gobblers Gone Wild VS Turkey Revolt

It’s Thanksgiving week! The food shopping list is made and purchased, the preparation is all set to start, and you are near ready for the day of feasting! Before you set forth on this week’s wild routine ahead, let’s have a little Thanksgiving fun with a Slot Game Battle, featuring High 5 Casino‘s rebel turkeys!

Let’s get ready to GOBBBBBBBLE!

On one side of the table is the Gobblers Gone Wild! These turkeys on the loose are no ordinary birds – they make a run for the win. These ingenious birds can outsmart mischievous ploys and will help you spin your way to a lively turkey celebration!

On the other end of the table is the turkey rebellion! These gobblers are ready for their revenge! After centuries of being the chosen main course for Thanksgiving dinner, these turkeys have had enough! The other farm animals better watch their backs as the wild birds are ready for their attack. Their plan is to paint scarlet letters on the cows and pigs to persuade a different outcome for the main dish on Thanksgiving day.

Which High 5 Casino turkey will you turn to for some Thanksgiving fun on the reels? Comment in the conversation bubble located on the top right corner of your screen and let us know!

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